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Anime Network VOD and Online Player FAQ
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TOPIC: Anime Network VOD and Online Player FAQ

Anime Network VOD and Online Player FAQ 5 years ago #36

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Anime Network VOD Reports/Updates/Questions Thread (2010)

Before posting (newcomers), please look around the resources and the recent pages in this thread before complaining. In many cases your questions might be covered already.

Please read, learn and participate:

Links and Resources: (Check stuck threads at the top for the latest news and information)

Anime Network VOD FAQ
Anime Network VOD Providers
Anime Network General Response to your Reports and News thread

Use this forum to discuss, submit questions/complaints/suggestions with other Anime Network viewers. The links above will provide most commonly asked questions regarding Anime Network services and properties.

I. We need your Zip Code and Cable/Satellite Provider to Help

When submitting reports of problems, it is important to provide us with information of your cable/network/VOD provider, and your ZipCode (this information is needed to track down the problem). (PM this to Slowhand if you want to keep the information private) and other information about the nature of the problem, as well as the specific anime/episode in question. Anime Network and your Cable/Satellite Provider can not help you without this information.

II. Please contact your Cable/Satellite Provider with information on missing updates

It is equally important that you call and email your Cable/Satellite/Service provider along with posting in this thread, as most problems are usually the result of problems on their side or the VOD company they subcontract to update the content that Anime Network sends to them.

Viewers experiencing missing updates need to contact your cable provider.

If you do not report the problem, then the systems do not seek to replace it after it fails for some reason. The more you call, the more the cable provider will pay attention to making sure Anime Network is working properly.

When making a call to your provider, it is usually best to request to speak to the manager or the supervisor. Usually, regular customer service representatives can only take down your request, but don't have much power beyond that.

Please make sure the Customer service agent you speak to understands that Anime Network has sent the episodes and there may be a local problem with either their network, full disc drives or some other technical problem that is preventing the delivery of the episodes (this depends on the circumstances which can be case specific).

You have to try to make them file the report or speak to the supervisor, understand the problem and not let them give you the run around of "we only post what we are sent to by the provider" (this is a stock response) so that it can be sent to their VOD department.

III. Missing Updates - Where are my updates?

VOD technology allows great convenience in that it allows viewers to watch a wide range of programming through your cable box without having to go out to rent or buy DVDs from many programming options, but it is a very complex technology. Your Cable or Satellite provider or their VOD subcontracting companies like (TVN, SeaChange, etc.) are responsible for granting you the user access to these updates. There are so many layers and handlers of the data, including subcontracting VOD companies that handle the infrastructure, storage, VOD file management for your Cable companies. This is normally why Cable companies usually have a hard time fixing or dealing with VOD.

A lot of the large cable providers have different regional operation centers that handle the VOD for certain regions. This complicates it because human error can happen, if someone from your area's VOD department forgot to make the updates Anime Network sent them available or if your area's VOD hard drives are full... they reject the updates Anime Network sends them.

Anime Network may be able to determine whether the updates were sent out or not, but after that point, the responsibility of the update will go to your Cable provider or the company that manages the content sent to them.

(This is why it's important to let your cable provider's customer service department know and take note of the issue and report it to their VOD department. See above information)

Reports submitted by the viewers will be looked over by Anime Network in the reports sent to them, and they will try to get your Cable/Satellite provider to fix it from this side -- but there is only so much Anime Network can do to convince your Cable/Satellite provider without your help on fixing the issue.

IV. Why are the shows starting at episode 5 and why can't I get the entire series of a show at once?

Anime Network always shows series from the beginning (unless it's a special circumstance). It's a moving train of content, every week new shows and episodes are posted, eventually they start back at episode 1 or different shows at episode 1.

Most people think Video On Demand means every single episode available of every show. Unfortunately the technology and expense of doing this is not viable at this time and unrealistically high expectations are formed. VOD in general works pretty much like TV does, except the episodes are available usually for a month to be viewed anytime, then they are replaced, with weekly updates that are posted every Thursday (Some providers post it early on Wednesday afternoon/night). That's how the cable providers operate VOD in general.

Cable companies place a limit on what the content providers, like Anime Network can provide. For SVOD and Free VOD carriers this is usually 30 hours of storage space a month. So Anime Network and other VOD providers have to work within those constraints.

Anime Network offers an Online Subscription option where a lot of these episodes and shows are hosted on Anime Network's own servers - series in their entirety are available!

V. Why is buying Sentai Filmworks and Section23 Films DVDs of show that are available on Anime Network important?

It is the foundation of income and helps Sentai Filmworks, Section23 Films and other Anime production and licensing studios to acquire new anime series for Anime Network.

If you like a show on Anime Network, please show your support and buy the legal Sentai Filmworks, Section23 Films DVDs from respected retailers like Rightstuf.com (www.rightstuf.com) or DVDpacific.com (www.dvdpacific.com) or at your local Best Buy, Fry's or Walmart, and other retailers -- a lot of these shows are expensive to license and produce for English audiences. While VOD ad revenue does help to pay for some of this access, if you want new shows and new productions -- DVD sales are incredibly important in allowing Anime Network to acquire new shows from Japan!

Without your financial support, it means less shows, and less services.

It is required from you all in the future that are reporting problems:

When you report a problem or missing update, we need you to provide your Cable/Satellite or VOD provider for Anime Network (TAN) and also your Zip Code (City, State would also be helpful). This information is now necessary to help track down your problems with your Cable/Satellite/VOD provider.

For example:
Time Warner, 78702 (Austin, TX)
(Your Report)

If you do not provide us information we are not going to be able to help you.

Thank you for your cooperation.
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Re:Anime Network VOD FAQ 5 years ago #40

Anime Network On Demand
Frequently Asked Questions

This is a guide of the most asked questions about Anime Network On Demand and should answer some questions you may have about Anime Network & Video On Demand.

What is Anime Network?
Anime Network is the first channel dedicated to anime in North America and is available in the United States and Canada.

What is Video On Demand?
Video On Demand allows the viewers to chose from a list of various programming to watch when they want anytime they want. Viewers can pause, re-wind, fast forward and stop the program anytime they wish.

Is Anime Network available 24/7 (linear)?
Unfortunately no. Anime Network used to be available 24/7 but the service was discontinued on January 1, 2008.

Is Anime Network available on cable?
Of course, Anime Network is available on the nation's top eight cable companies (Comcast, Time Warner, Cox, Charter, Cablevision, Bright House, Suddenlink & Mediacom) and various smaller cable companies. For a complete list of providers check out the awesome VOD Schedule Page.

Is Anime Network available on DirecTV?
DirecTV customers can enjoy Anime Network through DirecTV's new Video On Demand system for free on channel 1889! To access programming from Anime Network you will need:

*DirecTV PlusĀ® HD DVR receiver
*Broadband Internet service with a minimum connection speed of 750 Kbps or higher (DSL or cable)
*DVR service from DirecTV
*A network router with an available Ethernet port

For more information regarding DirecTV On Demand please visit their website.

Is Anime Network available on Dish Network?
Yes, anime fans your voice has been heard. Now you can enjoy Anime Network's great programming On-Demand. Visit the schedule page for Dish Network for more information.

Why was Anime Network removed from Comcast?
Comcast has decided to drop Anime Network Free and Events on demand from their line-up.

Is Anime Network available in Canada?
Yes, Anime Network is available in Canada from Rogers Cable, Shaw and Cogeco.

Why is some of my updates missing?
From time to time a show/episode may be missing from what was posted on the schedule. Sometimes the cable operator may have not posted the update or in some circumstance Anime Network could have pulled the show/update at the last minute.

What is Anime Network Free On Demand?
Anime Network Free on Demand (FOD) is carried by Comcast, Time Warner, Bright House, DirecTV and other providers. Viewers are not charged extra to view Anime Network. Shows are generally ad supported and edited for content.

What is Anime Network Subscription On Demand?
Anime Network Subscription On Demand (SVOD) is carried by Cox, Charter, Cablevision, Suddenlink, Mediacom and other providers. Viewers are charged a typical fee of $6.95 per month to gain 24/7 unlimited access to Anime Network. Subscription customers receive 25-40 times more content commercial free and unedited. Some cable providers like Cox & Suddenlink carry both TAN Free and TAN SVOD.

Why is (this title) no longer airing?
Anime Network, over time, may lose the rights to broadcast some titles. When Anime Network loses the rights to broadcast a show they will remove that title from distribution and the shows page.

Sometimes older shows are pulled from rotation if Anime Network needs to make room for new shows or if a particular show didn't perform well in the ratings.

Does Anime Network repeat programs?
Yes, Anime Network will repeat shows but due to the nature of Video On Demand this could be a while. Subscription On Demand customers may see more shows repeated than Free On Demand customers.

I just got Anime Network, why are some shows in the middle or ending?
Congratulations, if you are just experiencing the greatness of Anime Network! However due to the nature of Video On Demand you may have found several shows are in progress, this is due to many of the providers following a similar schedule. If your cable/satellite provider just added Anime Network to your line-up then you won't be able to catch the beginning of some of the shows until they are repeated. It may take a few weeks before you are able to see new shows from the beginning.

Why does Anime Network only air the first 14 episodes of AM Driver and B'tX?
Illumitoon (the company that has the rights for AM Driver and B'tX) has dubbed only until episode 14.[/ul]

Last Updated: October 14, 2009
My Anime My Backlog On Order
Sentai thank you for dubbing five of my favorite sub-only shows!
Anime Network thank you for an awesome first simulcast.
Long live Neo-ADV!
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A Few Notes about HD on Watch Online 4 years, 10 months ago #4655

  • akpoff
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We just announced the release of HD versions of Appleseed and The Place Promised in Our Early Days for Watch Online subscribers.

I'm sure dragoon or someone else will give you the details about the announcement but I want to give you some notes about watching HD.

1) The shows look fantastic!,
2) Look for Place Promised under "The Place Promised" in the list,
3) When you click a show the default is to start with HD,
4) To switch to non-HD click the HD icon in the player -- when the letters are black, you're watching HD. When grey, your watching standard versions.

Why would you not want to watch HD? CPU & broadband. Not every computer can handle decoding HD, not every broadband line can deliver it at sufficient speed. The shows are encoded at 2.5 Mbps (megabits per second). Your ISP needs to be delivering at least 2.5 Mbps, ideally 4 - 6 Mbps.

CPU is a bit less clear. Dual-core systems and really fast single-core systems (1.8Ghz and faster) are your best bet. Also, while you may be able to watch HD on the episode page, slower processors may not be able to decode fast enough for full screen.

That said, if you can't watch in HD try the standard encodings. They're made from the same digital masters and look really good.

Please post comments. If you do have problems, please give us the following info to help us get them resolved:

Broadband type: e.g., cable, dsl, fiber
Broadband provider: Comcast, ATT, Verizon
Rated speeds: e.g., 1.5 mbps down 384 kbps up, 6 mbps down 1 mbps up
Shows attempted: Elfen Lied 1, 2 & 7
Flash version: right-click in player and it should list the flash version
Browser type & version: FireFox 3.11 or IE 7.05730.13

Thank you
Chief Demiurge for TAN website.
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Re:A Few Notes about HD on Watch Online 4 years, 10 months ago #4688

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Something I forgot to mention. Sometimes when you go to view HD content the HD button doesn't show up. That's usually indicates that you have an old version of the player cached on your hard disk. In FireFox do the following:

1) Click "Tools | Options' menu item,
2) Click the "Privacy Tab",
3) Click "Clear Now",
4) Un-check everything except "Cache",
5) Click "Clear Private Data Now",
6) Reload the video you were watching. You should get the HD button.

I'm on a Mac at the moment so I don't have the steps for IE at hand. They're very similar. Perhaps someone could post them for the community.

Do note, though, the HD button only appears for Appleseed and The Place Promised since those are currently our only HD titles.
Chief Demiurge for TAN website.
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How to Change or Cancel Online Player Subscription 4 years, 5 months ago #22591

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How to Change or Cancel Online Player Subscription

If you need to change or cancel your Online Player Subscription membership, email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and list your name, username, and name on your billing info, and Anime Network will take care of it.

Anime Network is working on making this possible via your Account Control Panel in the future.
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Re:Anime Network VOD and Online Player FAQ 4 years, 5 months ago #22593

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FAQ Future Placeholder.
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Re:Anime Network VOD and Online Player FAQ 3 years, 2 months ago #74723

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One of our amazing super users compiled the below indexes to help users find past forum posts to troubleshoot issues. If you are still having with our VOD or Online Streaming services, please post your report in the appropriate thread.

SpaceCobraJoe wrote:
Online Player Issues and Troubleshooting tips

This is an index to useful information found in Anime Network Online Player Reports/Problems/Updates Thread

All new issues should be reported to the above thread. This thread was created to be a one-page summary to find useful information that is posted there.



Information to include in reporting problems. Be sure to use the official thread when reporting problems with the Online Player. Any new post to that thread causes tech support to be automatically notified. Starting a new thread does not.

How to get version numbers.

Clearing your browser's cache has been known to get the Online Player working again. Try that before anything else.

When an episode is scheduled to be available but for some reason is not yet on the server, the system sometimes says you need a premium subscription to everyone, including people with subscriptions. For episodes that don't play, double-check the Online Player schedule to verify that it is available.

Service interruption at 04:00am CT. Playback should resume within five minutes, just by reloading the page, but sometimes it takes 30 minutes to recover.

Try refreshing the page three times before giving up when a show does not even start to play.


Buffering and Bandwidth

Download speed is important. Symptoms of insufficient bandwidth include: audio is OK but video freezes or stutters.

Player does not buffer, HD needs more than 1.5 Mbps.

More info on how insufficient bandwidth affects playback.

HD playback

HD playback may be limited by CPU power.


Access denied by region

Some titles are licensed for North America only and cannot be viewed in the UK.

Bogus "Access denied by region" for viewers in the US. Post lists details to include when reporting this error.

How to determine your IP address.

More details on causes of errant "Access denied by region".



SpaceCobraJoe wrote:
Video On Demand Issues and Troubleshooting tips

This is an index to useful information found in Anime Network VOD Reports/Updates/Questions Thread (2011)

All new issues should be reported to the above thread. This thread was created to be a one-page summary to find useful information that is posted there.



1st & 2nd episodes of all shows available without a subscription.

Another forum for discussing problems with cable-TV providers.



DirecTV hardware required for VOD. Note: It may take up to 24 hours for the initial list of programs to show up on Channel 1889.

Few seconds missing from start and end.


Time-Warner Cable

How to get TWC to take complaints seriously.


Shaw Cable

How to contact the Technical Department.


Brighthouse Networks

Technician callback


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Re:Anime Network VOD and Online Player FAQ 2 years, 3 months ago #104238

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Updated 7/18/2012

The first one or two episodes of most anime are always FREE as a taste-test to allow you to get a feeling for each anime.

Subtitled - Complete Anime

Blue Drop
Bodacious Space Pirates (eventually all episodes)
Brighter Than the Dawning Blue
Chainsaw Maid
Coicent (movie)
Croisee in a Foreign Labyrinth ~ The Animation
Demon King Daimao
Dusk Maiden Amnesia (eventually all episodes)
The Familiar of Zero F
Five Numbers (movie)
Ghost Hound
Golgo 13
Hell Girl: Two Mirrors (Season 2)
Hell Girl: Three Vessels (Season 3)
Highschool of the Dead
Hiiro no Kakera ~ The Tamayori Princess Saga (eventually all episodes)
Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere
Indian Summer
Infinite Stratos
Inu x Boku Secret Service
Kids on the Slope (eventually all episodes)
Kimikiss ~ Pure Rouge
Legends of the Dark King ~ A Fist of the North Star Story
Listen to Me, Girls. I Am Your Father!
Loups=Garous (movie)
Majikoi ~ Oh! Samurai Girls
Mardock Scramble: The First Compression (movie)
Maria Holic
Mashiroiro ~ The Color of Lovers
Medaka Box
Mysterious Girlfriend X (eventually all episodes)
No. 6
Persona 4 ~ The Animation
Phi-Brain ~ Kami no Puzzle, Season 1
Phi-Brain ~ Kami no Puzzle, Season 2 (eventually all episodes)
Prefectural Earth Defense Forces
Queen's Blade: Rebllion (eventually all episodes)
The Skull Man
Tears to Tiara
tsuritama (eventually all episodes)
Vermillion Pleasure Night
Waiting in the Summer
Xam'd: Lost Memories

Dubbed - Complete Anime

CannibAlien (short movie)
Chance Pop Session
Daphne in the Brilliant Blue
Destiny of the Shrine Maiden
Diamond Daydreams
Lady Death: The Motion Picture (movie)
Le Portrait de Petite Cossette
Legend of Crystania OVA
Magical Play
Mardock Scramble: The First Compression (movie)
My Beautiful Girl Mari (movie)
Mythical Detective Loki Ragnarok
Nanaka 6/17
Pet Shop of Horrors
Princess Tutu
Super Milk Chan Show
Super Milk Chan Flash

Free Live Action Movies - All Dubbed

Guns & Talk
Jungle Juice
Marrying the Mafia
No Blood, No Tears

If you see any errors, please PM me! Thanks!
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