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(RP) Tokyo Demigod
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TOPIC: (RP) Tokyo Demigod

(RP) Tokyo Demigod 3 years, 6 months ago #65668

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This is partly based on a RPG I started playing recently named Scion. wiki.white-wolf.com/whitewolf/index.php?title=Scion

The difference with this RP is that we're not going to bother all those rules. Just pick a god or goddess and be their bastard offspring. Another difference is that a Scion campaign is meant to feel like a modern legend. This will feel like an anime.

Many centuries ago, strange creatures began to show up in Japan. The demigods of that time only describe them as, "scaly tiger like things that are not known to any god." The strange things seemed to simply be looking around at first, but then they began to eat. The demigods found that the creatures were coming from a strange line stretching ten miles from north to south. Without fully understanding what it was, they crafted twelve holy seals in linked in pairs.

The seals of Earth, Wind, Fire, Water, Spirit and Light were placed along the east side of the line. The seals of Mud, Smoke, Ice, Oil, Flesh, and Darkness were place opposite. As to why these elements were used -or why they worked, for that matter- is unknown. In fact, after the sealing there's no mention of the line anywhere in history.

Unknowable forces connected the seals on the east side to their counterparts on the west side, and held it closed like stitches on a cut. These six seals are all but forgotten in these modern days. They and the line they govern are now within the borders of Tokyo.

We are demigods, the half divine children of the gods. We come from many pantheons, but we are all Japanese. You see every once in awhile the god declare a meeting to make a decision on an issue that affects their various realms. Fifteen years ago they met in Tokyo. Many pantheons sent representatives, some of them found humans to love while they were there, some of them had children as a result. We are those children.

pantheon.org/ is a good place to look if you can't think of a god that suits you. You can use any pantheon you like as long as it is not the One God of the Muslims, Jews or Christians or a god that was "made up" for use in fiction. The one exception to this is The Great Old Ones who were created by HP Lovecraft. However, Cthulhu is still off limits.

If you still need help feel free to ask me.

1: No godmodding, we're only half god.
2: Stick to the time frame. We are all just entering high school.
3: Don't make an ass of yourself.
4: No sacrilege, blasphemy, or insulting of people's faiths.
4b: If you consider the very inclination that there are gods other then the ones you worship to be an insurmountable offense... *headbutts you so hard your in a coma* Problem solved!
5: Please post a link about the god or goddess you have chosen in your character template.
6: Have fun! The daughter of Bastet (Egyptian cat goddess) is a silly cat girl. The son of Baldur (most handsome of the Norse gods) is an overly attractive boy with a destiny who has five or more girls fighting over him. The son of Sun Wukong (Chinese monkey king)is a delinquent brawler who boast about honer. The daughter of Aphrodite (Greek goddess of love)... fan service This is everything you like about anime. Everything we like.

Side Note
Only a few people in the world know about the supernatural. Keep this in mind. The gods try to stay out of human affairs for the most part. Demigods don't see their parents much.

Template (Age is locked at fifteen. We may even have the same birth dates)

Parent: (Your divine parent)
Pantheon: (What group of gods do they come from?)
Calling: (What do they do when they aren't killing monsters?)
Powers: (Powers come in two forms: Epic attributes are physical characteristics that are amplified, like super strength or impossible beauty. The other is Purview or the power to control something associated with their divine parent.)
Skill: (So they can throw fire and talk to animals. What else are they good for?)
Weapons: (Duh )

Parent: The Morrigan en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Morr%C3%ADgan
Pantheon: Tuatha De Dannan (Irish)
Calling: Free runner
Powers: Epic Endurance, Epic Appearance (both good and bad), Epic Dexterity. Power over the dead, darkness and black birds.
Skill: Stealth, melee, and occult
Weapons: twin eighteen inch sgian
Equipment: MI6 spy cell phone with IRA upgrades and endowed with his mother's knowledge.
Personality:Karasu only seems to like the dead. He helps them and their families out of an instinctual calling to do so. He dresses dark, and ignores people he doesn't like. He is cruel to the cruel, but normally just for the sake of venting. In combat he uses his endurance. Like his mother, he isn't easy to kill.
Bio: Fifteen years ago a young married couple herd a baby crying. They followed the sound to a large flock of crows that were just standing around the child. They rushed toward the child, causing most of the birds to fly away. Three of them jumped up, and threatened the two. A fourth bird, the largest, stayed where she was, at the side of the naked newborn. The man and woman spoke to the large bird. They promised to take good care of the boy. When the large crow flew away, they named him Karasu.

Karasu made most of the children around him scared. Some times the only break he had from loneliness was when bullies tried to torture him. He learned to wait and enjoy their company before busting their faces. One day he came home to find that his foster parents were sharing tea with a beautiful woman who was dressed for a funeral. Instead of being the end of a life, that day was the beginning of his new life.
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Re:(RP) Tokyo Demigod 3 years, 6 months ago #65717

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My RP's back!
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