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Bees. My God.
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  • Eightdevil+ replied to the topic Re: Computers & Technology in the forum.
    fillet wrote:
    /relate I hate T-Mobile. Do not believe any of those cheesey commercials they're putting out these days, they suck.

    I used to have T-Mo years ago, wasn't impressed back then. Is there anything particularly wrong with them these days? What are you dissatisfied with?
    Honestly, I like the new "uncarrier" thing they are doing with no contract, unlimited everything for $70 /mo. I also really like the new method of phone financing, which puts most high end smart phones at about $20 /mo, which totals $90, which is what I pay now for 400 min, 1000 text and 2 GB of data with Verizon.
    kunena.post 363 days ago
  • Eightdevil+ replied to the topic Re: Computers & Technology in the forum.
    Oh Verizon, why are you trying so hard to make me hate you?

    Seriously though, I had an upgrade coming at the end of September, with every intention of taking it with another two year contract. Then they switched it over to having to wait the full 24 mos before qualifying for a discounted upgrade from the already ridiculously long 20 mo wait. Now according to Verizon's press statement, "the first customers that will be affected by this change are those whose contract ends in January 2014." Well, coincidence of coincidences, guess when mine ends? Now I don't even know if I will still qualify for an upgrade by the time Sept. rolls around anyways.

    Besides that, I just discovered today that this new "Share Everything" plan that I've heard about isn't some optional new thing, it's now the ONLY plans they offer. To get what I already have now, 2GB of data monthly, it would end up costing me over $100 a mo, a sizable jump from what I pay now. I actually inquired with them about this, and my current voice/text/data plan will not change until my contract renews. This means if I upgrade, or resign at the end of 24 mos, for some reason, I will be required to take one of the new plans. nope.avi

    I have great incentives to upgrade this fall, provided I can, namely getting about $200 towards a new phone if I do. However... I am just not sure it is worth it at this point. /rant
    kunena.post 365 days ago
  • Earlier this evening at the Playstation Conference, Sony officially announced the PS4. No price yet, the console has not been revealed and the release date is only listed as "Holiday 2013," but much info was revealed.
    Full Specs for the console and Dual Shock 4
    DS4 controller reveal
    Watch Dogs new gameplay footage!
    'inFAMOUS Second Son' world debut!
    These two easily stole the show in my opinion. Additionally there was:
    Killzone Shadow Fall
    Deep Down
    The Witness

    There were also some tech demos that I will edit some links to later.
    A slew of info was revealed as well in regards to cloud gaming aspects, streaming PS4 games onto your PS Vita for on-the-go PS4 gaming, video sharing, etc. Another feature that piqued my interest was that the console can be put into a sleep state rather than powering down, allowing the gamer to pick up the controller and immediately start back up where they were, as the game state is saved in memory. Very nice addition. It seems there will also be a number of dedicated processors for various tasks.

    I will update this thread tomorrow with more info when I have more time and am less tired.
    kunena.post 423 days ago
  • Reviews have been excellent for this game. Will definitely be picking this and DMC up soon-ish.
    kunena.post 451 days ago
  • Eightdevil+ replied to the topic Re: Video Game News & Discussion 2 in the forum.
    Breaking News: THQ Goes Bankrupt, Auction of IPs listing revealed.
    RIP THQ ;_;7

    Seems Take Two has gotten the rights to WWE games, as well as many other franchises. WWE 2K14 incoming? I can deal with that.
    kunena.post 451 days ago
  • Eightdevil+ replied to the topic Re: Video Game News & Discussion 2 in the forum.
    I've also been playing P4 Golden quite a bit lately, especially on breaks at work. Amazing game, and my second favorite of 2012. However, I have been obsessed with playing my GOTY for 2012, Far Cry 3. Amazing game! In fact, I'm off to play it some more now.
    kunena.post 460 days ago
  • Eightdevil+ replied to the topic Re: The Buy Stuff Thread in the forum.
    Have gotten a lot of things lately, especially with my birthday a few weeks back. Having to buy gifts for myself is kind of disheartening though. =(
    - CM Punk : Best in the World on Blu-ray
    - Core i5 3570 & Gigabyte GA-Z77-UD5H (well, I actually got these back in August, but saved for my bday)
    - Creed Original Santal 1 oz and Aventus 2.5 oz (Two of the best fragrances I've ever had the pleasure of smelling)
    - More Diesel jeans
    - Assassin's Creed III (Midnight release)
    - WWE '13 (Midnight release)
    - Dishonored (Release day)
    - Other things that I am sure I'm forgetting...
    kunena.post 523 days ago
  • Eightdevil+ replied to the topic Re: Computers & Technology in the forum.
    Do you live near a Micro Center? If so, they have great combo deals like an Intel Core i5 3570K for $190 and $50 off the purchase of several Z77 mobos along with it. I actually just picked mine up with a Gigabyte GA-Z77X-U5H for a total of $340 after tax.

    Ultimately though, it depends on what your budget is Hornet. AMD might be the better option if your budget is low, though an i5 2500K can be had for pretty cheap these days, being a gen old now, but still great. So what kind of budget are you working with?
    kunena.post 593 days ago
  • Eightdevil+ replied to the topic Re: The Buy Stuff Thread in the forum.
    Just picked up a Core i5 3570 and a Gigabyte GA-Z77X-UD5H mobo for just $330 a couple days ago at Micro Center. Got my new RAM the day before that, now I'll just need the video card and I'm good to go!

    Also bit on a pair of Diesel Thanaz 880K, couldn't resist at that price. Tried these on in this wash at the Diesel store in Chicago back in July and loved them, but at the time opted for my Zatiny 882V instead, still my favorite pair of jeans.
    kunena.post 595 days ago
  • Couple weeks ago I got Sleeping Dogs for PC, preordered on Steam. I also got Dust: An Elysian Tail on XBLA. Holy. Crap. Dust is amazing. I can't believe one guy developed it. I'd been waiting on it for years, and it was well worth the wait and more than worth the $15 spent on it! Now I am getting back into Sleeping Dogs, excellent game as well.
    kunena.post 598 days ago
  • Eightdevil+ replied to the topic Re: Computers & Technology in the forum.
    So MemTest86 was rather revealing. Even more revealing is the fact that it kept freezing up before finishing even a single run. No matter, my New RAM came today anyways! Exciting. I also recently purchased a SSD finally which should speed my comp up quite a bit as the system drive.

    Though I'm getting a bit of a headache trying to avoid reinstalling Windows complete by using a backup, and the 100 MB MBR partition that Win7 uses is throwing me a for a loop.

    Also gonna buy a new CPU and [url=http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813128545[/url] Mobo tomorrow. My i5 750 is feeling a bit dated, especially given that I majorly lost the o/c lotto on this one. Many people claim they can easily get 3.8 to 4 ghz on the 750, I can't keep mine stable at even 3ghz, no matter how much voltage I throw at it. Go figure. Also on the table for the very near future is a GTX 670 because my 1GB 6950 is starting to hold me back, due...
    kunena.post 598 days ago
  • Eightdevil+ created a new topic The Backlog in the forum.
    This is a thread that I am devoting to the dreaded video game backlog. How many have you got in yours? What are they? Any that you plan to start playing anytime soon? Feel free to discuss this and more.

    Personally I just counted and I am sitting at a backlog of no less than 30 games; and that's just physical games, not even counting the ones I've gotten from Steam. One day I hope to get to them all...
    kunena.post 638 days ago
  • Eightdevil+ replied to the topic Re: Post Your Pics! in the forum.
    I'll post some recent pics from my trip to Chi-town.

    The most amazing thing I might have ever eaten ^
    kunena.post 644 days ago
  • I believe my most recent purchase was Fallout New Vegas Ultimate Edition last week. Great game, as I enjoyed FO3 a lot and playing this feels very similar for obvious reasons.
    kunena.post 662 days ago