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Her world fragmented into dozens of sharp, cutting shards, shedding the salty blood and tears that ringed the bitter cocktail of her despair. She was caught in a cocoon of raw nerves and open sores; she was insanity, wrapped up in the thin, transient wrappings of lucidity; and she was afraid, because an innate desire lay in the bottom reaches of her psyche for the very poison that was killing her


Anytime people get depresed or sad or lonely they only depend on themselves
Because rarely anyone cares about how people feel.
If people want the world to change first they have to change themselves.
Anyone can be happy as long as they have the resources to do so.
Weather its friends or family or your pets Try to be happy as much as possible.


Merry Christmas, Hope you all Have a wonderful Christmas


I have had this song and movie stuck in my head now since last night, at least it a good song and movie! X3

rage warrior

in order to live one must fight no madder how much u want peace or end to war we all fight in the end
most fall in battle the ones who live die in side


playing a video game... and did something B.A, ON PURPOSE

Eri San

Hello other anime fans as this day i will be using anime network from your new memeber eri san

I love inuyasha

If you guys whsnna talk heres my kik Booty_Swerve if you dont have one mame one kk coz im deleting me progile on here byeeee loves foreveaa


You got to hold on when i see you again for Paul walker


~Love is like poker! There is no Joker!~


OMG!! It's been ages since I have been online here !!!
Hello Everyone that resides here @TAN !!
Is anyone else enjoying the current anime season like I ?


hmu on facebook, message me <3

sky ward sowrd 91

Don't walk Infront of me, I may not fallow
Don't walk behind me, I may not lead
Just stand by my side and be my friend


Waiting for the One to arrive......


Need kiks or phone numbers I don't get on here I'll explain when I do

lelouch lamprouge 17

what's a king that is not leading


You're the cutest guy I've ever tried to kill ;)


I apologize to all who may remember who I am, but I have reached a time in life where I need to say good-bye for now. If I ever start a new account, please forget who I was, and accept who I have become,

An Old Friend.


i final finished reading spice and wolf now i have to watch the show yaaahhhXD




i wonder if you really need love to live...but it seems thats all you need to surive anywhere


Wouldn't you like to know?


sorry yall i didnt have internet for some time then my computer broke so yah im back

Omni Z

Started Tiassa By Steven Brust So far it's really good.


no one likes me or whant to talk to me T^T


Slidin' in to say HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!


I went into my garage to get a bottle of water so i could go running, and my garage light started flickering and I got a really bad feeling.. lol, There something in dis houseee DX


yay me party is this saturday


Power to player!... Screw That! Power to the those drill to the core to see the light.! Yah now shout if your anime fan who thinks they can drill to the top, and surpass your limits of Nerdness!


Started watching Madlax...pretty good so far:)


Grrr...hotel internet is not fast enough to let me watch my shows!


Oh My Goodness What a Disaster Happened In Japan!!!
Hoping That Everyone support them And give to Them a Hand With this Catastrophic Situation that The Have!


need a little action in my life


I am always looking for friends so add me, k!


chillen like a villian waching anime


Kyouta (THE ReaL HonKage)


i love high school of the dead so cool i was abt to cry hehe


Easily distracted by shiny things.


lolipop o lilipop its crazy hott 2 day im going to faint


let the shadows consume you and everything will come to light jk lol........haha


take me away from all i have know leve me in the darkness and steal my soul so that i may die yet in nothing but darkness through out my life and soul.


No amount of planning will ever take the place of dumb luck.


Updating the MyAnime list on ANN; it is unfortunate that it does not allow an import from the list.


Otaku grandpa, TAN Casting sensei and Claim Your Bishoujo/Bishounen!-The Reboot benevolent dictator.


RaWR!!! HahaHAhA PuRplE BlaCk REd RaINboW


uti am gone never to be seen agen back to the shadows for me seens no one ikes me i am oju

shadow freedom

this worlds just wants to take everything i care about from me. to hide them in a far off land i could never reach. what should i do if i cant stop it. this world is just trying to destroy me no matter what. why is this realm so cruel to me.
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