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  • Prede replied to the topic Re: Tamako Market in the forum.
    I've been wanting to buy this for awhile now. When are they releasing it? Come on Sentai, take my money!
    kunena.post 184 days ago
  • Prede replied to the topic Re: Time Bokan: Royal Revival in the forum.
    I still can't believe anyone saved this one. Thought it was lost to time. It couldn't have been a big seller for CPM, could it? Anyway I'll buy it because I never got around to buying CPM's release. Allan Gus directed the dub, and while I like what he did for Maze, he is also responsible for the Patlabor dub .
    kunena.post 184 days ago
  • Prede replied to the topic Re: Lupin III ~Mine Fujiko to Iu Onna~ in the forum.
    The fact they got Michelle Ruff back as Fujiko is AMAZING! I'm so happy about that. She's the best Fujiko I've heard so far. I'm sure she'll hold this dub together.

    Sonny Strait I used to hate as Lupin, but last time I re-watched the movies I figured I only hated him because he's no Tony Oliver. But he's alright. He's a good Lupin. But Tony Oliver owned that role and will be missed.

    Mike McFarland? Well....uh....he played the role before so...yeah...I don't think there's anyone I like as Goemon to be honest. Lex Lang was better I suppose, but he wasn't that good. I thought he was perfect in Figure 17 though. But there's no good Goemon. Is he directing this?

    I'm still trying to figure out why they got Richard Epcar back and then cast him in a different role?? This is like what they did with Greg Ayres for the Eva movies. They got him back (he played Kaworu in the directors cut episodes) but they cast Jerry Jewell as Kaworu in re-build and Greg Ayres as Kensuke?? WHY? I don't understand what they're thinking at all here. It makes no sense. The best part is they'll never explain it. Richard Epcar is an excellent actor, he needs more work, but I'm not sure hes' suited for Zenigata. Dan Martin made that role work. He was hilarious.

    Sabat as Jigen...well he was damn good. But I would have liked to see him sit this one out and let Epcar take his role back though.

    The real question about this dub is will they reference Shaq?

    Anyway excited about this one
    kunena.post 422 days ago
  • chrisc thanks for the post Re: That's just wrong
    kunena.thankyou 425 days ago
  • dragonrider_cody wrote:
    Matt Greenfield was one of the founders of ADV, but I don't know if he ever actually owned a stake in it or not. John Ledford was generally considered the owner.

    Also, ADV never filed for bankruptcy. It sold off all it's assets through a provision in Texas law. Even if it had, there is nothing that would have prevented the owners from starting new companies once it was liquidated. It's quite common for business men to sink one company and turn around and start another.

    It would have also been possible that they could have attempted to reorganize the company, though that would be contingent on finding financial backers and restructuring their debt. The nation is full of companies that file bankruptcy time and time again to reorganize. Unlike individuals, there is no corporate bankruptcy that allows debts to be completely written off. A company must restructure its debts with approval of its creditors, or it's must be liquidated to satisfy its obligations.

    The way I heard it Matt Greenfield owned half and John Ledford owned the other half. Of course that's just what I've heard no proof of that. But I think John put more money into the business/legal to begin with and ran the more business aspects of it, while Matt Greenfield did more of the production/legwork/authoring/technical aspects at first. Of course when Sojitz got involved it got complicated with them getting a 20% (iirc) stake in the company, or whatever it was.

    As for why they dumped ADV, it probably had to do with the fact Sojitz owned 20% of the company and sucked away those profits, and key staff members from their offices in control of ADV, and the debt issue (which was run up by Sojitz). Of course this is just what we've put together, and no one is ever going to come out and admit any of this.

    The restricting and selling aspects of the company to other new companies might be a new legal trend, the GM restructuring is very similar as an ANN user pointed out. The only difference being ADV and Section 23 got no government assistance and no one filed for bankruptcy yet. The old GM filed for bankruptcy at some point, but no Houston based anime company has filed for bankruptcy (yet?)

    And Cody is right, it is not at all uncommon for businessmen to dump one company and start another with the same people. Cody explained this very well and was on the money with everything here.
    kunena.post 426 days ago
  • Prede replied to the topic Re: Kids on the Slope (Sakamichi no Apollon) in the forum.
    You would think this would make the fans happy. And yes it made some happy, but god if you read the ANN forums it still kills your soul. Ungrateful fans are ungrateful. Some are still unhappy. Oh well you can't please everyone. I'm glad Sentai did this so it would shut everyone up. Might delay my order a tad, but I'm fine with that.
    kunena.post 432 days ago
  • Slowhand thanks for the post Re: That's just wrong
    kunena.thankyou 433 days ago
  • Prede replied to the topic Re: Kids on the Slope (Sakamichi no Apollon) in the forum.
    dragonrider_cody wrote:
    I really haven't heard anything negative about the dub, so hopefully that won't become an issue. As for the audio issue, it's one episode on the Japanese track which I am unlikely to watch on the bluray. I know it sucks for some people, but I've dealt with far worse on DVDs, and anime releases in particular.

    Unfortunately, anime fandom is all about nitpicking and whining these days, so someone will always complain about a flaw, not matter how minor.

    I heard Zac repeat over and over again that the dub was terrible. I heard episode one, and I don't know what he's talking about. Then again he was never good at judging a dub's quality anyway. Episode one was a good start for the dub, I like the casting. I like it so far. But too early to tell. But it's not terrible. Unless they totally drop the ball or something somewhere along the lines....

    For the audio issue, said that it's only one episode, it doesn't ruin the entire release, and I really don't care. To which I was attacked strongly on twitter for saying. But screw it, I really don't think it's a big deal. It's a tiny mistake. An amateurs mistake perhaps, but it's only one episode, it's not the entire series. Besides I'm going to listen to the dub for my primary viewing anyway, so it doesn't really matter to me.I pretty much said what you said Cody and people think I'm nuts.

    As for the nitpicking god Cody you are so right. Can't stand it, can't stand the nitpicking. Can't stand the unfairness.

    The show so far is off to a slow, but good start. I was not expecting this to be so "bro-mancy though". That's a new one. The focus on music seems good. I wonder where this show is going. It's very different then Bebop or Champloo. Which is a good thing I suppose. Enjoyed the first episode a lot though. It was quite cool.
    kunena.post 434 days ago
  • Prede replied to the topic Re: Devil Survivor 2: The Animation in the forum.
    WHEN DID THEY GET THIS ONE? I totally missed that news...
    kunena.post 436 days ago
  • Prede replied to the topic Re: Mysterious Girlfriend X in the forum.
    What a droll filled cover. I love this. I've been dying to see this since before it aired. It looks so retro, so weird, so cool. I pre-ordered this as soon as I could. Can't wait for it to come. The dub cast seems fresh...looking forward to this one.
    kunena.post 436 days ago
  • Prede replied to the topic Re: Kids on the Slope (Sakamichi no Apollon) in the forum.
    With the Foster dub, and now the apparent episode 11 problems, expect the complains to really hit the roof on this one.

    In other news I just bought it, because the complainers reminded me of the show, lol. I'll judge for myself if the problems are really that bad. I do hope the dub is good though, Cowboy Bebop and Samurai Champloo had great dubs. This deserves one of that caliber.

    Also LOVE the DVD/blu-ray cover art. Now that is amazing looking stuff right here.
    kunena.post 436 days ago
  • Prede replied to the topic Re: Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 in the forum.
    The blu-ray came in the mail the other day and last night I got around to watching episode one. And all I have to say is wow. I was expecting maybe a B+ kinda show, but episode one was perfect. If it keeps that up this could be a real A+ kind of a series. I was not at all expecting this level of quality, in storytelling and style, not to mention almost movie-level animation quality. My only complaint is episode one seemed a little mean, like it was taunting the characters with all the hints of an earthquake to come. Also the music isn't as good as the rest of the show. But the dub is quite good. Let's see where this goes....
    kunena.post 463 days ago
  • kunena.thankyou 469 days ago
  • kunena.thankyou 470 days ago
  • Prede replied to the topic Re: Patlabor OVA / Mobile Police Patlabor in the forum.
    once goto wrote:
    Hey, Prede--I'm Mike Schwartz, the excellent Aster and the meh Goto of whom you speak. (Yeah, I google myself sometimes.) I have fond memories of the V.O. work at Matlin, and you've made some interesting observations about it.

    1. Yes, I think Goto was a pretty cool character--never in a hurry to show how intelligent he really was, and sometimes a little cavalier with public safety and the safety of his team.

    2. Despite the fun I had with the directors and producers over at Matlin, I'll admit there were times when I probably should have asked for another "take." I have my limitations as a V.O. actor, obviously, but every now and then, at least, I think I knew that there were times when a nuance was off, and I regret not putting my two cents in.

    Anyway, thanks for keeping Patlabor alive out there in the ether--I teach now, and on those occasions I play it for students, they think it's pretty cool (except for the students in the Anime clubs who remind me how much better the subtitled episodes are).

    Wow! I feel honored that you actually replied! Thanks so much! I wrote about you on my blog too btw. Pretty much the same thing though. And just FYI I was not making a sly attack on you or anything. I'm pretty sure you're a good actor since you were great as Aster. I think that there were times in the Patlabor dub where things should have been given a second go, as you said. And there were more then a few times when everyone could have used a little better direction. But I don't blame the cast for that. It's not your job to ask for another take.

    Yes Goto is my favorite character. He's quite a guy. And as I said I like your voice for him. Very interesting to hear your opinion on all this. That's pretty cool that you teach, because I'm a substitute teacher. If I was in an anime dub, I'd show it to my students too. I think it would be interesting to get taught by the voice of Goto...
    kunena.post 470 days ago
  • kunena.thankyou 474 days ago
  • Prede replied to the topic Re: Vampire Princess Miyu in the forum.
    Well I did first see episode one a long time ago, back on Anime Selects. I didn't know anything about Miyu at the time, or the show itself. So that explains part of it. Hah.
    kunena.post 475 days ago
  • Prede replied to the topic Re: Vampire Princess Miyu in the forum.
    dragonrider_cody wrote:
    The first episode was a little predictable, but I enjoyed it. I have to say that it was darker than I expected. I look forward to seeing the rest.

    Predictable??? Are you serious?? Nothing about that episode was predictable!


    Come on that episode is a lot of things but predictable is not one of them. I admit i first saw this episode years ago now, but it still stayed with me. Later episodes the writing isn't always as good, and they can be a little predicable or a tad corny Spoiler but that first episode is excellent. Still haunts me...Well you're welcome to your opinion Cody but I so disagree with it.
    kunena.post 476 days ago