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  • Lumis, shadzar, Snowy Stampede replied to the topic Re: one word leads to another in the forum.
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  • Snowy Stampede wrote:
    Thank you all! Watching some anime then I'm heading out to dinner tonight.

    I hope you have a fun night. Bring us back some leftovers!

    Happy Birthday, Snowy Stampede!

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  • Has anyone else been having loading inconsistencies the last week? I wouldn't really consider it lag issues though. It is more along the lines of server communication issues. As an example when I visit TAN, I will usually keep 3-4 tabs open here in the forums and my profile page. When I go to refresh a tab, that tab will stay failing to load. When I refresh the next tab, it will load up quickly.

    I even did an experiment and opened 10 tabs linked to various similar locations in the community and forums. When I would go to refresh the tabs one by one with a few seconds in between, 3-4 of the tabs would just sit failing to refresh and would endlessly load. The only way to get around it was to quickly refresh the tab 3-5 times. Once done the tab would load almost instantly.

    The only other thing that seems to have started around the same time, and may be linked to this, is that the community and profile feeds are really delayed to update. I don't know if anyone else has been experiencing this. Like I said, it is not the same form of lag that we normally experience. Let me know if you guys have any questions... thank you.

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  • * hollors in wolf style * ARRRRRRRRRRROOOOOOOOOOOOO
    groups.discussion.reply 20 minutes ago
  • Turn your back on the pack and the pack will turn their backs on you. Go fuck yourself hotshot, you'd be nothing if it weren't us. We were the ones who made you, we shaped you, we showed you the ropes. I hope you don't try and come back, we show no mercy to traitors.
    profile 30 minutes ago
  • Laplace transforms...if you aren't BFFs yet, don't feel bad.
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  • Me in my vampire stage
    • Me in my vampire stage
    These are my photos
    photos 1 hour ago
  • Slowhand wrote:
    I'm having trouble with From the New World, Ep 4, also.

    Anyone else having trouble loading any episodes?
    No problems with Ep 4 on DirecTV.

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  • Round 204 (a rescue from Round 64)

    Chief Guard Makina from Deadman Wonderland

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  • SPRING BREAK!!!!!!!!
    profile 2 hours ago
  • Since last post
    Nisekoi Ep 15
    MEKAKU CITY ACTORS Ep 2 (Don’t get this one)
    Captain Earth Ep 3
    Kamigami no Asobi Ep 3
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    photos 3 hours ago
  • The Coffee God replied to the topic Pokémon (all TV series) in the forum.

    1st Pokémon XY Movie's New Trailer, Teasers, Darkrai Intro Posted

    posted on 2014-04-16 23:30 EDT

    Both Darkrai & Diancie to be given as gifts to moviegoers

    The Pokémon Company Japan channel began streaming the second full trailer and two more teaser trailers for Pokémon the Movie: Diancie and the Cocoon of Destruction film, as well as an introduction video for the Darkrai Pokémon, on Thursday. The new trailers feature the movie's theme song "Yoake no Ryūsei-gun" (Daybreak Meteor Shower) by the girl band SCANDAL.

    AKB48 idol member Mayu Watanabe ("Mayuyu") narrates the Pokémon short "Pikachu Kore Nanno Kagi?" (Pikachu, What's This Key For?) The short and the main feature introduce four Pokémon, including Darkrai. Among the guest voices are Yoshiko Mita (Xerneas), Kouichi Yamadera (Ninja Riot), Shoko Nakagawa (Mirisu Steel), Rika Adachi (Marilyn Frame), and the comedy duo Nakagawa-ke (Merushi and Algus Steel).

    Advance ticket buyers receive a special gift code to enter into their Nintendo 3DS in order to unlock a Darkrai from the Pokémon XY game. Diancie will also be given to viewers who see the film starting July 19. The first 300,000 moviegoers will receive a Transformation Clear File Bag.

    Darkrai is a Dark-type Legendary Pokémon whose techniques include Dark Void, which puts opponents to sleep; Dream Eater, which restores Darkrai's HP; and Nightmare, which slowly decreases the opponent's HP.

    The special prize is exclusively for theater audiences. Fans can purchase movie tickets starting April 19, and can obtain the special gift until September 30. In addition, the first 30,000 people who purchase their tickets in advance will also receive a Pokémon clear folder.

    Pokémon the Movie: Diancie and the Cocoon of Destruction will premiere on July 19. The film is set in a country called Diamond Ormpire, where the Holy Diamond resides as the country's source of energy. The country falls into chaos when the Legendary Jewel Pokémon Diancie—the keeper of the Holy Diamond—loses her power to control it. As a result, Diancie seeks the help of Ash and his friends to restore the Holy Diamond.

    Update: The Dark Hole move is known as Dark Void in English.

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  • mgosdin wrote:
    Oh so many adventures :

    Interstate Highway at 70+ MPH and the Oil Workover Rig loses it's transmission in front of you. ( Never saw so many gears and so much fluid. )

    and of course - Mistress Slowhand's Dungeon, creative lady that she is.

    No I don't scare too easily anymore.

    Mark Gosdin


    Try to run 100 tonne earthmover scraper and drive downhill with bad brakes ( yes I was in the youtube with my freind compaine ) going down hill almost 100 KMPH !!( 62 MPH ) now that is hair rasing event .,

    I have few others spooky items I can say little later on.,

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