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  • raven11 added a new photo in EASTER!!!!!! album
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  • Sorry guys I fell asleep and we have our king of Easter vegeta!!!!
    groups.discussion.reply 33 minutes ago
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  • Where's my man when I need him!
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    • (Conswelia voice) No i clean, I clean XD
    photos 3 hours ago
    • In love it!
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  • meow12345 added 23 new photos in Sword Art Online album
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    I finished this anime like wow I was so proud and sad because I wish there were more
    photos 3 hours ago
    • Hahaha halarious XD
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  • uploaded a new avatar
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  • dragonrider_cody replied to the topic Re: Brain Drain in the forum.
    celestial_being wrote:
    I'm watching RahXephon on the latest DVDs (the ones from the "fire sale" @ RS) and there is an insane amount of noise in the picture, especially in the blacks. It's like watching a grainy projected-from-film movie. Is this a horror of the dark ages of DVD era compression?

    The noise made it look as though there were rain in a scene where there is none. It was a weird illusion.

    BTW, why hasn't this very "visual" series of no small renown gotten a bluray here yet?

    miquelfire wrote:
    I was told yesterday that I sound like Rev Lovejoy from the Simpsons.

    Do you?

    Rahxephon had several scenes with intentionally added grain, so that likely caused some of the effect you saw. I believe it may have also been one of the series in which ADV was supplied with composite masters, which could also increase the noise.

    As for a bluray release, it will probably happen at some point. It's likely held up by the fact that ADV still holds the license to the series. They would need to negotiate for bluray rights, if they are even interested at this point. It's not entirely impossible, just not very likely. So far, their sole bluray has been Elfen Lied and it doesn't appear that they are in any hurry to release others.

    It's also possible that Sentai's may be waiting for ADV's license to expire so they can attempt to acquire the series. If that occurs, ten a bluray may be more likely.
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  • Happy late Easter everyone I am sorry I am gone but I have a big test to do and if I fail i am screwed so I'll be here time to time if I seem like a boy to you guys that's my brother jake so don't worry
    profile 4 hours ago
  • Happy late Easter
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  • Slowhand wrote:
    I'm having trouble with From the New World, Ep 4, also.

    Anyone else having trouble loading any episodes?

    No problem here.
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  • Sorry here's the full vet, some of the music is from the game but it some what has a diffrent story plot, they never said is bayonetta's mom was killed by her dad in the beginning ( the beginning about the umbra and lumen sage having a child was mentioned in the game)
    profile 5 hours ago
  • *takes the band-aid off my mouth* I'm tired. Good night.
    groups.discussion.reply 5 hours ago
  • *puts a band-aid on your mouth* Shh...
    groups.discussion.reply 5 hours ago
  • * Moves my head to the music*
    groups.discussion.reply 5 hours ago
  • * hand him a towel to ram * here ya go you will need get the mud off of your face .,,
    groups.discussion.reply 6 hours ago