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  • vegeta101 replied to the topic Re: Dragon Ball (all series & movies) in the forum.
    i just watched the first episode of dragon ball kai majinbuu arc
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  • Log Horizon ep. 21-25
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  • celestial_being, Series5Ranger, shadzar replied to the topic Re: That's just wrong in the forum.
    Lumis wrote:
    Dear mother of God... release the KITTIES! Um, I think this woman needs a few more cats. What do you guys think?


    That house must smell horrendous. I've seen bumper stickers that read "One paw away from 'Crazy Cat Lady'". I think that this woman needs one saying that she's a few hundred paws past it...
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  • Series5Ranger, Lumis replied to the topic Re: GIFS, GIFS, & MORE GIFS! in the forum. 2 hours ago
  • Nanana's Buried Treasure Ep. 2

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  • Good morning everyone
    profile 2 hours ago
  •" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen>
    profile 2 hours ago
  • celestial_being thanks for the post Re: Anime Memes
    kunena.thankyou 3 hours ago
  • 3 hours ago
  • Walks in reading a book labelled emotions.
    groups.discussion.reply 3 hours ago
  • friends raven11 and thekingofgames are now friends
  • hey lost and nothing much just excited about easter ^_^
    groups.discussion.reply 4 hours ago
  • What have you guys been up to?
    groups.discussion.reply 5 hours ago
  • kunena.thankyou 5 hours ago
  • celestial_being, Iron K. Tager replied to the topic Re: Breaking News Bulletin Board in the forum.
    Betcha Miku has more popularity at this point than the tanked Gaga.
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