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  • celestial_being replied to the topic Re: Brain Drain in the forum.
    I'm watching RahXephon on the latest DVDs (the ones from the "fire sale" @ RS) and there is an insane amount of noise in the picture, especially in the blacks. It's like watching a grainy projected-from-film movie. Is this a horror of the dark ages of DVD era compression?

    BTW, why hasn't this very "visual" series of no small renown gotten a bluray here yet?

    miquelfire wrote:
    I was told yesterday that I sound like Rev Lovejoy from the Simpsons.

    Do you?
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  • tonka thanks for the post Re: one word leads to another
    kunena.thankyou 2 hours ago
  • 2 hours ago
  • WOOO!! Its its EASTER YEEEEAAAAAAHHHH *smiles* ^_^
    profile 2 hours ago
  • Hello and happy Easter ^_^
    profile 2 hours ago
  • IT'S EASTER WOO!!!!!!!! XD
    profile 2 hours ago
  • friends nightmare17 and raven11 are now friends
  • Chunibyo! Heart Throb ep. 9-12
    Good but not as strong as season 1
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  • celestial_being replied to the topic Re: Computers & Technology in the forum.
    Verizon tells me that if I want to upgrade from my Fast Ethernet and Wireless G router that I will have to pay them a hefty fee. After all this time with them I'd say that they owe me a modern router but it turns out that even if I do pay their fee that I'll still be stuck with a behind-the-times router as their "top end" router is Gigabit Ethernet with 300 Mbit Wifi N.

    We already have 450 Mbit N routers, 1000 Mbit+ AC routers and 10,000 Mbit AC routers are on the horizon. Ain't no way I can justify paying for 300 in such a time and the nature of FiOS makes it seem as though, no matter what I do, the root of my network will always be their router.

    However, Verizon says that if I want to get up to even 100 Mbit speed (I'm at ~40 now) that I'd have to pay their router fee as, even though my router has 100 Mbit ethernet, my router "can't handle it".
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    profile 3 hours ago
  • Comment on the photo Me in my vampire stage
    • Nice
    photos 4 hours ago
  • Hi! Sister talk to me when you get the time until then see ya *smiles and waves*
    profile 4 hours ago
  • Snowy Stampede wrote:
    Thank you all! Watching some anime then I'm heading out to dinner tonight.

    I hope you have a fun night. Bring us back some leftovers!

    Happy Birthday, Snowy Stampede!

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  • Has anyone else been having loading inconsistencies the last week? I wouldn't really consider it lag issues though. It is more along the lines of server communication issues. As an example when I visit TAN, I will usually keep 3-4 tabs open here in the forums and my profile page. When I go to refresh a tab, that tab will stay failing to load. When I refresh the next tab, it will load up quickly.

    I even did an experiment and opened 10 tabs linked to various similar locations in the community and forums. When I would go to refresh the tabs one by one with a few seconds in between, 3-4 of the tabs would just sit failing to refresh and would endlessly load. The only way to get around it was to quickly refresh the tab 3-5 times. Once done the tab would load almost instantly.

    The only other thing that seems to have started around the same time, and may be linked to this, is that the community and profile feeds are really delayed to update. I don't know if anyone else has been experiencing this. Like I said, it is not the same form of lag that we normally experience. Let me know if you guys have any questions... thank you.

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  • * hollors in wolf style * ARRRRRRRRRRROOOOOOOOOOOOO
    groups.discussion.reply 5 hours ago
  • Turn your back on the pack and the pack will turn their backs on you. Go fuck yourself hotshot, you'd be nothing if it weren't us. We were the ones who made you, we shaped you, we showed you the ropes. I hope you don't try and come back, we show no mercy to traitors.
    profile 5 hours ago