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  • The Coffee God replied to the topic Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya in the forum.
    Watch Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA ILLYA 2wei! on CrunchyRoll

    Crunchyroll Streams Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya 2wei! Anime

    posted on 2014-07-09 14:25 EDT

    1st episode of second season now available

    Crunchyroll announced on Wednesday that it will stream the second season of the Prisma Illya television anime, Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya 2wei!, as it airs in Japan. The first episode premiered for premium members on Wednesday at 2:15 p.m. EDT and will premiere for free members one week later. The stream will be available in North America, the United Kingdom, Ireland, South Africa, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Netherlands, and Latin America (Central and South America including the Caribbean).

    The main cast is returning with several new additions:

    • Mai Kadowaki as Illyasviel von Einzbern
    • Kaori Nazuka as Miyu
    • Chiwa Saito as Kuro
    • Kana Ueda as Rin Tohsaka
    • Shizuka Itou as Luviagelita Edelfelt
    • Naoko Takano as Magical Ruby
    • Miyu Matsuki as Magical Sapphire
    • Noriaki Sugiyama as Shirou Emiya
    • Sayaka Ohara as Iri
    • Rikiya Koyama as Kiritsugu Emiya
    • Haruhi Terada as Sella
    • Miho Miyagawa as Leysritt(Liz)
    • Miki Itou as Taiga Fujimura
    • Mariya Ise as Nanaki Moriyama
    • Emiri Katō as Tatsuko Gakumazawa
    • Kanae Itō as Suzuka Kurihara
    • Satomi Satou as Mimi Katsura
    • Hitomi Nabatame as Bazett Fraga Mcremitz
    • Ami Koshimizu as Caren Hortensia

    However, the staff for this second season will have a new chief director, director, art director, and sound director:

    • Planning: Takeshi Yasuda
    • Chief Director: Shin Oonuma
    • Director: Masato Jinbo
    • Series Composition: Kenji Inoue
    • Script: Hazuki Minase
    • Character Design: Nozomi Ushijima
    • Art Director: Ken Tateishi
    • Editing: Kentarou Tsubone
    • Sound Director: Masanori Tsuchiya
    • Sound Production: Dax Production
    • Music: Tatsuya Katou
    • Music Production: Lantis
    • Music producer: Shigeru Saitō, Terunari Yoshie
    • Producer: Ai Matsuki, Jun'ichirō Tamura
    • Animation producer: Hayato Kaneko
    • Animation Production: SILVER LINK
    • Executive producers: Tsuyoshi Kikuchi, Hayato Kaneko, Shigeru Saitō, Tetsuya Dobashi, Nobukazu Kumagai, Tetsu Hirata, Masahiro Kiba

    The first Blu-ray/DVD volume will bundle an original anime short.

    The first anime series premiered last season, and Crunchyroll streamed it as it aired in Japan. Sentai Filmworks licensed the series for North America and plans to release it on home video in September.

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  • The Coffee God replied to the topic Magimoji Rurumo in the forum.

    Yurika Endo Performs ED Song for Summer TV Anime "Majimoji Rurumo"

    Her 2nd single "Futari no Chronostasis" hits stores August 6

    Pony Canyon has posted a two-minute short version promotional video for 20-year-old voice actress Yurika Endo's 2nd solo single "Futari no Chronostasis" (Chronostasis of the Two) on its official YouTube channel. It is now featured as the ED theme song for the summer 2014 TV anime Majimoji Rurumo, in which she also voices a high school girl Tanako Kujirai. The TV anime already premiered on five Japanese stations on July 9. The "Futari no Chronostasis" CD single will be released in Japan on August 6 in two editions.

    Endo won the first prize at the 2nd Ponycan Koetama Grand Prix Audition in 2012, then formed a voice actress idol unit YURI*KARI with the winner of the 1st audition Karin Takahashi. The unit released its 1st single "Kimi to Futari," the ED theme for the 2013 TV anime The Severing Crime Edge on April 17, 2013. She made her debut as an anime voice actress for Haruno Yoshikawa in Ace of Diamond

    last fall. Her 1st solo single "Monochrome Overdrive" was released on February 5, 2014, as the ED theme song for Z/X IGNITION in which Endo played Aina Mikage.

    "Futari no Chronostasis" short PV

    Limited edition jaket

    Regular edition jacket

    Yurika Endo artist photo

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  • The Coffee God replied to the topic Re:Love Stage!! in the forum.

    Going by the huge territories available list and it being a Kadokawa title, I'd say this one probably isn't licensed by anyone at the moment.

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  • The Coffee God replied to the topic Love Stage!! in the forum.
    Watch Love Stage!! on CrunchyRoll

    Crunchyroll Adds Love Stage!! Anime

    posted on 2014-07-09 12:23 EDT

    Boys-love series about an otaku and an actor premieres Wednesday, July 9

    Media distribution service Crunchyroll announced on Wednesday that it will stream the anime of Eiki Eiki and Taishi Zaou's Love Stage!! boys-love manga. The series will premiere for premium members on Wednesday at 1:45 p.m. EDT, and free members will be able to watch episodes one week later.

    The stream will be available in North America, United Kingdom, Ireland, South Africa, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Netherlands, and Latin America (Central and South America including the Caribbean). Australia, New Zealand, Bahrain, Cyprus, Iran, Islamic Republic of, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Palestine, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syrian, Arab Republic, United Arab Emirates, Yemen, Albania, Andorra, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Malta, Republic of Moldova, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Greece, Holy See (Vatican City State), Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia, Monaco, Montenegro, Poland, Portugal, San Marino, Slovakia, Serbia, Romania, Spain, Turkey, Ukraine, Algeria, Comoros, Djibouti, Egypt, Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, Mauritania, Morocco, Somalia, Sudan, Tunisia, Western Sahara.

    Crunchyroll describes the series:

    His father and older brother are famous singers, his mother is a renown artist, Izumi Sena was born into a family of super entertainers! However, unlike the rest of his family, Izumi is an otaku who aspires to become a manga illustrator.
    One day, he is roped into starring in a television commercial dressed as a woman. The actor Izumi is featured with, Ryoma, falls in love at first sight upon meeting him. It turns out that they had actually met 10 years prior and Ryoma's attraction hasn't changed even after finding out Izumi is a boy.

    The cast will star:

    Tsubasa Yonaga as Izumi Sena

    Takuya Eguchi as Ryōma Ichijō

    Daigo as Shōgo Sena, leader of the band Crusherz (a parody of Daigo's former band BREAKERZ)

    Daisuke Hirakawa as Rei Sagara, a manager at Sena Pro.

    Ryotaro Okiayu as Seiya Sena, Izumi and Shōgo's father who is the president of Sena Pro.

    Sayaka Ohara as Nagisa Sena, Izumi and Shōgo's mother who is a popular actress.

    Kazutomi Yamamoto as Kōsuke Sotomura, Shōgo's manager.

    Ryohei Kimura as Takahiro Kuroi, a member of Izumi's manga club at college.

    Kyōko Sakai as Kazumi Shino, a manager at B-Dash.

    Showtaro Morikubo as Kojirō Ryūzaki, the president of B-dash.

    Junji Majima as Tenma Hidaka, Kojirō's secretary.

    Kenichi Kasai (Major, Bakuman., Nodame Cantabile) is directing the series at J.C. Staff. Michiko Yokote (xxxHOLiC, Squid Girl) is working on the series composition while Yoko Ito (key animator for Tantei Opera Milky Holmes, Turn A Gundam) is in charge of character design. Kazutomi Yamamoto will perform the ending theme "CLICK YOUR HEART!!"

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  • The Coffee God replied to the topic Hanayamata in the forum.
    Watch HaNaYaMaTa on CrunchyRoll

    Crunchyroll Streams HaNaYaMaTa TV Anime

    posted on 2014-07-06 17:28 EDT

    Series about dancing premieres Monday

    Crunchyroll announced on Sunday that it will stream television anime adaptation of Sou Hamayumiba's schoolgirl dancing manga Hanayamata (stylized as HaNaYaMaTa). The series will air on Mondays at 2:00 p.m. EDT starting on July 7 for premium members and one week later for free users. The stream will be available for premium members worldwide outside of Asia and for free members in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, the Netherlands, Norway, and Sweden.

    Atsuko Ishizuka (The Pet Girl of Sakurasou, No Game, No Life) is directing the anime at the Studio MADHOUSE. Reiko Yoshida (K-ON!, Girls und Panzer, Tamako Market) is writing and supervising the scripts, and Atsuko Watanabe (GA: Geijutsuka Art Design Class, Juden Chan, The Everyday Tales of a Cat God) is designing the characters. The creator group MONACA is composing the music, and DIVE II Entertainment is producing the music.

    Ordinary in looks, ordinary in brains, ordinary in arts and athletics … 14-year-old Naru Sekiya is just ordinary in every way. Naru leads an ordinary day-to-day life even as she adores "heroines." She embarks on a path to an unordinary world called "Yosakoi" dance, guided by an exotic fairylike girl she met one moonlit evening.

    The anime's cast includes:

    Reina Ueda as Naru Sekiya, a completely normal, second year middle school student. Although she admires heroines that show up in stories, she does not have the courage to escape her normal everyday life. After she meets foreigner Hannah dancing on a moonlit night, she says that she wants to shine as well, and joins the world of Yosakoi dance.

    Minami Tanaka as Hannah N. Fontanstand, a girl from America who is a second-year in middle school. After taking a trip to Japan when she was young, she fell in love with Yosakoi dance, and it became her dream to dance Yosakoi in Japan. She makes the Yosakoi club at school along with Naru, and struggles to find more members to join. She's extremely energetic, but worries about her height.

    Kaya Okuno as Yaya Sasame, Naru's best friend since elementary school and her current schoolmate. She enjoys being in her youth, playing the drums for a band. Through various events, she joins the Yosakoi club in name only. Her home is a soba shop.

    Yuka Ōtsubo as Tami Nishigomon, a middle school third-year who is Naru's childhood friend and the vice-president of the student council. She has admired Naru since she was young, and although she is a beautiful high-class lady, she is quite the daddy's girl. She joins the Yosakoi club after she is invited by Naru.

    Manami Numakura as Machi Tokiwaza, the president of the student council. She forbids Hana and the Yosakoi club to use the school's roof for practice. Although she is very harsh to others and herself, she is also gentle and warm towards her best friend Tami. It appears that her loneliness may have to do something with the bad relationship with her elder sister.

    Megumi Toyoguchi as Sally-sensei, a teacher at the middle school Naru and her friends attend. She is an English teacher and Naru's homeroom teacher. Although she is still young and her students are friendly towards her, she worries every day about the distance between a teacher and her students. Will she undertake the responsibility of becoming adviser for the Yosakoi club pushed forward by Hannah's energy?

    Tsuyoshi Koyama as Kachi Ōfuna, manager of the Yosakoi shop "Kachi." Although he has an aggressive outward appearance, the 33-year-old bachelor is full of kindness and loves Yosakoi more than anyone. While secretly supporting the Yosakoi club that Naru and her friends belong to, Sally is also on his mind.

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    To our international fans: Spanish speakers make up Robotech's second-largest audience around the world, and we want to bring back members from the original voice cast of the Spanish-language version of Robotech. Voice director Jesus Barrero (the original Spanish voice of Rick Hunter and Scott Bernard from Robotech, and also the original Spanish voice of Luke Skywalker from Star Wars) would like you to join him in supporting Robotech Academy!

    Para nuestros fans internacionales: los hispanohablantes constituyen la segunda mayor audiencia de Robotech en todo el mundo, y queremos traer de vuelta a los miembros del elenco original de la voz de la versión en español de Robotech. Director de voz Jesús Barrero (la voz original en español de Rick Hunter y Scott Bernard de Robotech, y también la voz original en español de Luke Skywalker de Star Wars) quiere que se una a él en el apoyo a Robotech Academy!

    UPDATE #5: FAQS!

    You asked questions, we have answers! Here are answers to frequently asked questions about Robotech Academy!

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  • mew-mew-pudding added 31 new photos in pudding's family and friends! album
    • woo!
    • when i sneek into dragon room lol!
    • we are sleeping!
    • we are mary! bwhahahaha!
    • vampy going to rape me x-x
    photos 1 hour ago
  • Hunter.
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  • Lumis, miquelfire replied to the topic Re: The "Name" of the Game in the forum.
    Looks like I came back to these during the perfect time... LOL! So wrong. Mine is just messed up and so NOT true...

    "Seeing myself exploiting other."

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  • Lumis replied to the topic Re: Anime Pictures in the forum.
    You're right, Mark. And yeah, we can either write that little detail off as artist error or a personal touch they added... either way.

    Alright, what other stuff do I have to add to the pile here?

    NOTE: When you right-click an above image and view the larger version in a new tab, just right-click the picture again and save it as so like you would do with any other picture on the net. If you ever have any questions, feel free to PM me anytime... thanx!

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  • Lumis replied to the topic Re: Anime Backgrounds in the forum.
    Touhou Background Pics'

    ↑↑↑ Click the above images to download the larger versions. ↑↑↑

    NOTE: When you click an above image and view the larger version, click the download icon on the ImageShack page to the lower right of the picture for download. You will be downloading the full-sized version and not the cropped down version that ImageShack presents. If you ever have any questions regarding this, feel free to PM me anytime and I'll gladly help you out.

    ImageShack Download Help:

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  • The Coffee God, shadzar replied to the topic Re: Persona 4: The Animation in the forum.
    shadzar wrote:
    Probably because we have the other part of it and is weird not to have more.. and you first mentioned it here and it is a sequel to the one TAN had on VOD...?

    It's not a sequel, it's a re-iteration of the same thing, just with an added character from The Golden.

    I menetioned it here because at the time, it wasn't sure whether AoJ would allow Sentai to pick it up or not.
    After I posted the AoA announcement, I stopped posting news about it in this thread.
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  • Snowy Stampede replied to the topic Re: What anime(s) did you watch today? in the forum.
    Doraemon episode 4
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  • NOT 7, NOT 6, NOT 5, NOT 4, NOT 3

    lol saw a pic of Lebum and thought of that
    profile 2 hours ago
  • How can I call myself theyre friend if I would use them for my own objective and if I would toss thrm away if it was neccisary I am turning into soneone I fear the most im turning into a heart cold killer a evil master mind so im going off to train my mind it might be weeks but I have a few days left
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