Learn Japanese

Learn Japanese
Monday, 18 April 2011
Group Admins:
This group is from people that want to learn Japanese with me and others. I have Pimsleur's_Japanese, Rocket Japanese and Rosetta Stonethat we can use I can't send the programs because that would be eleagel :) we can use AIM or Yahoo messager shenmue_007@yahoo for me info
Friday, 22 April 2011 by Masta666

OK I think we going to need to use AIM or Yahoo so we can learn I have the programs I want to start with Pimsleur Japanese my yahoo is shenmue_007 mi AIM is shenmue680 please post the best time of day get a mic if you don't have one best to get headset with mic I got Pimsleur Japanese newest one one way and I have 2 old one and rocket japanese and Rosetta Stone

 we all need to become freind so we can game group to learn and we will learn faste we have have people to speak it to I want to set aside 30 mins to 1 hour asay to learn

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