Anime Network on Demand is now available through Directv; it's anime at your fingertips. You can get up to 10 hours of Anime each month for free. In order to get the content you will need to have the HD DVR "HR20" set top box and a high speed internet connection. You can plug it in directly or use a wireless connector. Once you've got that set up all you have to do is turn to channel 1889 and voila there you have Anime Network. With Anime Network on Demand on Directv you can watch what YOU want to watch whenever YOU want to watch it! On Demand gives you the ability to rewind, fast forward and even pause whatever you're watching! That means you can grab a snack in the middle of your favorite show without missing a second of it! The best part of all is that it's free! That's right! You get free anime straight to your TV! We've got everything from brand-new shows to old school classics, giant robots to magical girls and even dubbed AND subtitled programming, and that's not all! In 2009 look forward to a slew of awesome new shows like To Loveru, Tears to Tiara, The Skull Man, and Maria Holic as well as the critically acclaimed conclusion of Clannad, Clannad: After Story. Also make sure not to miss action packed series like Legend of the Dark King: New Fist of the North Star and Devil Hunter Yohko! Oh and once you start watching make sure you let DirecTV know that you love Anime Network and want much more of it! Remember, if you don’t speak, they won’t listen!