Z/X: Code Reunion

War erupted when a series of portals inexplicably connected six parallel worlds. After years of strife, a peace treaty results in an uneasy truce between humanity and the beings known as the Z/X. Now Azumi Kakamigahara finds herself partnered with a Z/X named Rigel, and the two enroll at the newly established Fujimisaki Academy where their destinies await.

Blossom Adorned Campus

A pact with a Z/X known as Rigel saves Azumi’s life. Finally able to live as a normal girl, Azumi starts a new year at an academy for humans and their Z/X partners.

Drive Shaft Ignition!

Chaos reigns as the onslaught against the academy continues. How can the new students withstand such strong enemy attacks?

Branded E

The students learn the truth behind the attack on the academy. The realms all face an existential threat and the time has come to unite against a common foe.

The Guardian and the Guarded

The Rank E Team undergoes training from Hell, and the instructor’s methods may end up pushing the team too far...


The Rank E and D Teams face off in a mock battle. But when Matoi panics and unleashes her power, her teammates find themselves caught in the crossfire.

Slacker Z/X

Mastering Overboost is the key to moving up the rankings. Unfortunately, Yuni reaches her breaking point because of the training and goes AWOL.

Vow to the Blue Skies

Finals are here and the Rank E Team faces expulsion if they don’t pass. So, how is it fair that they’re going up against the Rank A Team first?

Summer Vacation!

Summer vacation is here at last, but that doesn’t mean the team can rest on their laurels.

Never Say Goodbye?

It’s time to say goodbye to the Student Council since its members are transferring overseas. Azumi wants to do something special and plans a farewell party for them.

Inerma & Dunamis

The Rank E team learns of the true enemy and why the realms have banded together.

Fabricated Life

Betrayal cripples the academy’s combat capabilities. With reinforcements not coming, the Rank E Team must either fight or retreat.

Code Reunion

Will friendship be enough to win the day when the divine is an enemy?