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Young Black Jack

Before he was “Black Jack,” the infamous unlicensed surgeon, Kuroo Hazama was a young man with a passion for medicine. As a child, he suffered severe injuries in an explosion, but was saved by the deft hand of surgeon Joutarou Honma. Now, he studies under Honma in medical school, and seeks to hone his surgical skills in order to help as many people as he can. Thus begins a previously unknown chapter for one of Osamu Tezuka’s most iconic characters!

Episodes (12)

Episode 1: Where’s the Doctor?!

Amid the social unrest of 1960s Japan, the young medical student Kuroo Hazama diligently studies his craft...

Episode 2: Abduction

Kuroo wakes up chained to a surgical bed and is soon forced to make a decision with momentous consequences...

Episode 3: Deserters

What seems like a casual night in for Kuroo and Maiko is quickly upended when they investigate sounds of distress from a neighboring apartment.

Episode 4: In Vietnam Part 1

Kuroo travels to Vietnam in pursuit of a distraught Yabu, but he may not be ready for the harsh realities of war that await him there.

Episode 5: In Vietnam Part 2

After being captured by the Viet Cong, Hazama and the others must find a way to escape and treat a wounded soldier.

Episode 6: In Vietnam Part 3

After a life saving operation, Steve wakes up completely disoriented. The group searches for him after he wanders off, and then tragedy strikes...

Episode 7: Painless Revolution Part 1

Hazama and Maiko travel to Chicago to observe a famous surgeon at work, but they soon get caught up in the racial strife of 1960s America.

Episode 8: Painless Revolution Part 2

Hazama continues his attempts to cure Johnny of his analgesia as darker hidden truths begin to surface...

Episode 9: The Gruesome Chronicle Part 1

After reuniting with an important figure from his past, Hazama soon finds himself in a situation with particularly high stakes...

Episode 10: The Gruesome Chronicle Part 2

Hyakki, reeling from the betrayal by Takara and his colleagues, is missing, and Hazama discovers that a life he saved might have unintended consequences.

Episode 11: The Gruesome Chronicle Part 3

Hyakki, still thirsty for revenge, has his eyes set on his last victim. Can Hazama stop him before it's too late?

Episode 12: The Season of Mania

Hazama crosses paths with a young woman he cares deeply for. Faced again with the violence of radical activism, how far will Hazama go to protect his first patient?