TV 14 - TV Series
Utano Princesama Legend Star

The competition continues as the stars and heavens collide to determine who will open for the Triple S International sporting event. As QUARTET NIGHT and STARISH finish their last act, HEAVENS hijacks the competition, putting the other groups into a flurry of confusion. With a three-way tie, QUARTRET NIGHT suggests an idea which propels these three groups to aim for a new stage, leaving HEAVENS with a need for revenge.

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Episodes (13)

Episode 1: Turn Your Dreams into Song

In the aftermath of the competition, a winner is finally selected. However, the audience intervenes and the winner makes an impacting decision.

Episode 2: KIZUNA

As HEAVENS and STARISH are forced into duets, QUARTET NIGHT must face their own worst enemies, themselves.

Episode 3: Mighty Aura

As the first to do his duet, Tokiya realizes Eiji's talent. Worried that STARISH's talent isn't enough, he crafts a plan for the team to take their competition more seriously.

Episode 4: Justice Impulse

Yamato and Syo try to work together, but they must first overcome their rivalry if they want to succeed in their duo.

Episode 5: Visible Elf

It's Cecil's turn to duet with cold and distant Shion, but his efforts to be friendly fail. Worse, the problem escalates into a confrontation between STARISH and HEAVENS.

Episode 6: Lovely Eyes

Van isn't what Ren expected, leading to some friction between the two. As things start to heat up, both of them agree to a challenge.

Episode 7: Grown Empathy

Natsuki and Mikado start things on a bad foot, and, to make things matter worse, Satsuki makes an appearance, throwing the duet into more chaos.

Episode 8: Lasting Oneness

The quiet ones of the group are up, Hijirikawa and Kira. Some tension grows as Hijirikawa is put in a difficult position.

Episode 9: NEXT DOOR

Two polar opposites collide in the next duo! They must learn to work together quickly if they want their duet to be a success.

Episode 10: We Believe You

Ootya is still reeling from his duet and disappears. Eiichi inadvertently opened some long-hidden wounds in Ootya's heart.

Episode 11: Future, Dreams, Thank You... and!

Otoya has recovered from his trauma. Meanwhile, Raging Otori is disgruntled with HEAVENS for their desire to have a fair fight.

Episode 12: Three Shining Stars

The duets are over, and now all three groups are ready to give it their all in one final showdown! Meanwhile, HEAVENS has some complications.

Episode 13: WE ARE STARISH!!

STARISH is up next and the tension is thick. Who will come out victorious in this action-packed showdown?