The Price of Smiles

On a world far removed from Earth, there is a kingdom brimming with smiles. Fate thrusts idealistic Princess Yuki into a role for which her most endearing qualities are ill-matched. Her country faces danger as the Empire threatens the realm’s security. On the opposite side of the conflict, an imperial soldier known as Stella hides behind a facade. But a time may come where her mask cracks, costing her everything. Princess Yuki and Stella’s paths will cross, and the fate of nations will follow.

The Girl of Soliel

The princess has turned twelve and must now take on the heavy mantle of rulership. She smiles, but does this portray a sincere hope for the future or dangerous naiveté?

Reality of War

Joshua swore to protect Princess Yuki’s smile when he was a child. Now that he is a solider of the Kingdom of Soliel, to what lengths will he go to keep his vow?

The Smiling Soldier

On the other side of the war, operatives of the Grandiga Empire undertake a clandestine mission to cripple Soleil’s food supplies.

Choosing Hope

Princess Yuki was not the only person to lose a loved one in the disaster at Leash. From princess to pauper, tragedy touches us all.

A Night for the Squad

Under cover of darkness, the Beurger Squad sets out on its latest mission. Lily trusts Stella implicitly, but can she say the same of her new captain, Gail?

Crossroads of Fate

Desperate to end the fighting and prevent further loss of life, Yuki devises an unconventional strategy as the forces of Grandiga invade Soliel’s capital city.

The Palace’s Sunflowers

After he’s injured on the battlefield, the Beurger Squad plans a going-away party for Pierce. Gail makes Pierce an unexpected offer.

The Final Message

As Princess Yuki maintains a tenuous hold on her country, the captive Izana uncovers information that could turn the tide of the war forever.

Elegy of Dawn

The consequences of the war will extend further than Princess Yuki could ever have imagined, but in spite of her dire warnings, her advisors remain unmoved.

Ignition of the Soul

A reprieve from the fighting offers Stella, Lily and Gail some much-needed rest — and a place to belong, if only for a little while.

Their Purpose

As Stella's team copes with the aftermath of tragedy, Princess Yuki puts her plan to end the war into motion.

The Price of Smiles

High atop a tower beneath the light of twin moons, the disparate paths of two young women finally converge.