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Tamako Market

Tamako knows everything about mochi, the traditional Japanese dessert treats. When she’s not attending her first year of high school, she works at Tama-ya, her family’s mochi shop. However, friendships, rivalries, and strange new feelings are beginning to make her life a sticky, complicated mess! There's guaranteed to be a sweet treat with every adventure when you take a walk through TAMAKO MARKET!

Comedy Romance Slice of Life

Episodes (12)

Episode 1: That Girl's the Daughter of a Mochi Shop Owner

Tamako works at her father's mochi shop, and along with her friends she enjoys a comfortable life at Tama-ya, the local shopping district.  A talking bird suddenly interrupts their little slice of paradise, and things begin going downhill from there.

Episode 2: The Love-in-Bloom Valentine's

Tamako is leading a Valentine's Day movement in the shopping district, but her father is opposed to the whole thing.  Mochizo decides to make a commercial to help Tamako win over her stubborn father.

Episode 3: Hot Hot Hot Over That Cool Girl

Shiori Asagiri is considered the "cool girl" by Tamako and her friends.  Dera falls for Asagiri at first sight, and pursues her at every chance.  Little do they know, Asagiri is painfully shy and often finds it difficult, if not impossible, to put her thoughts into words.

Episode 4: A Small Love Has Bloomed

It's festival time at Usagiyama, and while spirits are soaring and everyone dons their festive wear, Anko refuses to be a part of any of it.  Most would say she hates festivals, but there's something (or someone) that's on Anko's mind that's keeping her from joining in.

Episode 5: We Spent a Night Together

While Tamako and her friends prepare for the big swimming field trip at school, Mochizo decides to tell Tamako how he feels about her.  Dera, ever the gentleman, decides to lend a helping hand, only to encounter a protective Midori intent on keeping Tamako safe.

Episode 6: It's Chilled Even My Spine

With a heat wave in full swing and the shopping district's attendance waning, Tamako plans to host a spine chilling haunted house to rouse attention from potential shoppers.

Episode 7: That Girl's Become a Bride

The mysterious girl turns out to be Choi, a fortune teller from the Southern Islands who is on the same mission as Dera.  Fearing her wrath, Dera tells Choi that he was trapped here, while Choi herself gets to know the citizens of the shopping district.

Episode 8: I Won't Let You Call Me a Chicken

Dera has become to fat to fit into a birdhouse Kanna has lovingly crafter for him.  A food restriction is put in place to get Dera back into fighting form.  Choi continues acclimating herself to her surroundings, becoming closer with Tamako and the girls along the way.

Episode 9: I Will Sing Love's Song

The Tamaya Mochi shop prepares a mochi pounding event for October 10, Mochi Day, and Anka asks Tamako to set aside something special for Yuzuki, her crush.  Mochizo learns that Yuzuki will be transferring to another school soon, and Anko becomes depressed over the sad news.

Episode 10: Flowers Bloom on That Girl's Baton

The school culture festival is approaching and the Baton Club has somehow found themselves with a great timeslot on the main stage.  Midori struggles to come up with good choreography for the club and is too ashamed to admit it to the rest of the girls.

Episode 11: I Never Thought That Girl Would Be a Princess

Word gets around that Tamako MAY be a princess, while Tamako herself focuses on earning more loyalty points to get a medal from the shopping district.

Episode 12: This Year, Too, Has Come to a Close

With the entire shopping district suddenly taking an interest in the big news, Tamako feels unsure of how she feels.  With a proposal from Mechya to deal with, Tamako reminisces about how much her little shopping district has meant to her throughout her life.


Episode 13 (1 min)


Episode 14 (2 min)


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