TV-14 - TV Series
Stella Women's Academy, High School Division Class C3

When Yura Yamato arrives at Stella Girls’ Academy, her new roommate invites her to join a club called C3. C3 stands for Command, Control and Communications, a survivalist club. So faster than you can say “bang, bang, you’re dead,” Yura and fellow new recruits Rento and Yachiyo are drafted into the ranks.

Action Comedy Drama

Episodes (13)

Episode 1: Any Volunteers to Enlist!?

Yura Yamato is the new girl at the Stella Women's Academy, and a chance encoutner leads her to the C3 clubroom.

Episode 2: I Am Charged with Guarding the Lady

With their only potential new member slipping from their grasps, the girls of C3 devise an escort mission to try to win her over.

Episode 3: Does Enemy Fire Pierce Even the Soul?

Yura's first survival game is a rousing success, and her first real taste of the battelfield brings about a change in her she didn't expect.

Episode 4: Learn to Hit the Target Without Firing

After some special training from Sonora, Yura meets a mythical warrior who teaches her a valuable leasson.

Episode 5: A Remote Island Game Burns Hot.

The girls battle the Seto team on a deserted island. Yura gains more confidence in the heat of battle.

Episode 6: Operation: Soak is Underway

The girls are running low on funds for the upcoming 24 hours tournament, and have to find a way to raise money or risk missing the event. Sonora comes up with an idea, but soon it's washed away in a tidal wave of unpreparedness.

Episode 7: An Assassin's Bullet Cannot Kill a Kindred Spirit

The 24 hour tournament is here, but Sonora is unable to participate. Yura takes charge and devises a plan of attack for victory.

Episode 8: Should a Commander be Hard of Heart?

With the 24 hour tournament underway, Yura and her team must face off with nearly 40 other teams to survive and have a shot to take down Rin's team.

Episode 9: Thus, the Party Ends

With the weight of her deceit crushing her on the inside, Yura confesses and awaits her eventual punishment.

Episode 10: Brothers in Arms are Bound to Disappear

Yura, in the pursuit of victory, may have joined the wrong side. Sonora, meanwhile, receives cryptic calls from her mother.

Episode 11: Unfit for Further Combat

Sono-chan informs the girls of C3 that she'll be leaving soon. They decide to have one last survival game, and try to lure Yura back to the group.

Episode 12: Go Out with Guns Blazing

With the team back together, it's time for one last survival game. A one on one between yura and Sonora turns into a three way dance as the girls bid a fond farewell to their friend.

Episode 13: The Foot Soldier is the Queen of the Battle.

The Field Queen Contest will pit the girls of C3 against each other in a tournament style one on one brawl to see who truly is the strongest on all fronts!

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