TV MA (S) - TV Series

Asuna Harukaze’s love for tennis can’t be matched! When she’s not busy practicing her swings with a pitchfork on her family’s farm, she’s on the court of her high school’s Soft Tennis Club with her equally eccentric teammates who all dream of becoming national champions. Unfortunately, these girls are going to need all the practice they can get to make that happen! With a dash of perversion and a serious lack of focus, Asuna and her teammates are sure to serve up some serious smiles.

Episodes (12)

Episode 1: Morning Practice

Episode 2: Blond

Episode 3: Intense

Episode 4: Outing

Episode 5: Reunion

Episode 6: Two Pairs

Episode 7: Infiltration

Episode 8: The Top

Episode 9: For the Time Being

Episode 10: Welcome New Member

Episode 11: Trip

Episode 12: Return