Senryu Girl

At first glance Yukishiro Nanako seems like a normal high school girl, but she has a notable eccentricity: instead of speaking, she communicates only through written senryu poetry! This means she expresses herself exclusively in 5-7-5 syllables. To most this might seem like an inconvenience, but for Nanako and her ex-delinquent bestie, Busujima Eiji, it adds to the experience of their high school lives as they run the Literature Club.

Poem 1: The 5-7-5 Girl

cherry blossoms bloom / as a pair of brand-new friends / writes some poetry

Poem 2: Nanako's Diet

Eiji’s big sister / girl with the petal pink hair / appears on the scene … and then … Nanako diets / for the sake of a person / whom she will not name

Poem 3: Let's Go to the Amusement Park

club president skips / her club’s amusement park trip / hoping sparks will fly

Poem 4: The Canvas Girl

girl with a sketch pad / has trouble with expressions / so speaks through her art

Poem 5: The Fortune Teller Girl

the fortune teller / (if she can spell your name right) / will divine your fate

Poem 6: Nanako's Rebellious Phase

Eiji's pet rabbit / has a disgusting habit / (like, it's REALLY gross)

Poem 7: Nanako and the Seven Wonders of the Rain

rainy day blues? no! / Nanako believes in the / Umbrella of Love

Poem 8: If Nanako Wore a Swimsuit

it is summertime / and therefore swimsuit season; / the girls go shopping!

Poem 9: Eiji and Nanako's Dad

Nanako's father / knows all of her expressions / ...wait, what's this new one?!

Poem 10: Nanako, Fireflies, and a Test of Courage

she wants to go see / the fireflies in the woods / but ghosts? NOPE. NO THANKS

Poem 11: Watching the Fireworks with You

fire flowers bloom / two young hearts stroll together / love is in the air

Poem 12: Nanako and Eiji1

the pair met by chance / and their lives changed forever / thanks to senryu