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Yuki’s high school has everything: solar power, a well-stocked school store, an amazing library, a garden on the roof, and the best friends she could ask for. She’s the most energetic member of the School Living Club, an exclusive club dedicated to fully integrating themselves with the school. They even live in it! Life couldn’t be more exciting for Yuki and her friends… except that their club holds a dark secret.


Episodes (12)

Episode 1: The Beginning

After spaghetti breakfast, Yuki and Miki skip class to chase the club’s puppy around the school.  Kurumi, Yuri, and Sakura do their best to hold the fort amid the chaos.

Episode 2: Memories

The girls turn a supply reconnaissance mission into a summer “test of courage” for Yuki. A stop at the library makes a dangerous turn.

Episode 3: Back Then

Sakura remembers the ominous events of the fateful day leading up to the formation of the School Living Club.

Episode 4: Field Trip

Miki remembers the day she and her best friend found an adorable puppy in the mall. The School Living Club plans a club outing.

Episode 5: A Meeting

The club’s outing to the mall quickly gets dangerous, but at least Yuki gets to keep the adorable puppy they found!

Episode 6: Welcome

Miki wakes up in the care of the School Living Club. Kurumi and Yuri explain the details of Yuki’s situation to Miki.

Episode 7: Letters

A strange calm descends after Yuki and Miki complete the scrapbook, and the girls decide to send letters via balloon in hopes of letting someone, anyone, know where they are.

Episode 8: Future

A dark suspicion on the true nature of the school descends on Yuri and Miki. As they search the staff room for answers, Yuki joins under the pretense of a treasure hunt!

Episode 9: Vacation Day

After finding a secret document in the staff room, Yuuri tries to lighten the mood. Today’s School Living Club project: clean the water tank and have a “pool day!”

Episode 10: A Rainy Day

A foreboding rainy morning barely holds a candle to the impending downpour. As last night’s tragedies reveal themselves, the girls find themselves in a dire situation.

Episode 11: Scars

The barricade has been breached. With all the members of the School Living club in grave danger, Yuki forces herself to face reality to save her friends.

Episode 12: Graduation

With everyone’s lives on the line, Yuki’s only hope is to make it to the broadcast room. As the infected swarm around her, Yuki is protected by an unlikely savior.