TV 14 - TV Series

Sakura Mamiya and Rinne Rokudo are an interesting pair: Sakura has been able to see spirits since she was a child, and Rinne is a half-human and half-Shinigami-kind-of-thing whose job is to lead spirits to the Wheel of Reincarnation. They’re getting used to daily life with meddling spirits and love struck Shinigami girls, but with a black cat competition, intense new love rivals, and scheming damashigami hiding just around the corner, can Rinne even handle it all with his limited budget?!

Episodes (25)

Episode 1: Oboro the Black Cat

Rinne is tasked with dealing with an unexpected infestation of snake spirits, but chaos ensues when a black cat named Oboro begins to terrorize Ageha with them.

Episode 2: The Sweet Tennis Court/The Letterbox

Rinne helps a spirit who never got to play tennis while he was alive. Later, Jumonji is hired to conduct an exorcism on a spirit girl… only to end up on a date with her?

Episode 3: The Disappearance of the Membership Fee

As an employee in the Lifespan Census Bureau, Kain refuses to let Rinne off the hook for supposedly unpaid membership fees. However, Rokumon swears that he paid on time!

Episode 4: Love Song

A ghost that looks like the school president has been seen spray painting buildings and hustling students for money. Can Sakura and Rinne help this delinquent find peace?

Episode 5: Digging for Memories/Lend Me Money?/ Demon at the Campsite

It’s Golden Week, and, for some reason, Rinne’s father is asking everyone, even Sakura, for money. Later, a job takes a strange turn when the demon Masato makes an entrance.

Episode 6: Homestay Training

Shinigami children are supposed to train by escorting pets to the Wheel of Reincarnation, but Rinne ends up hosting a stubborn child whose goal is to fight evil spirits!

Episode 7: Supervisory Liability

Shoma can’t wait to get away from Rinne, but he’s still short on points. Masato seizes this chance to get revenge and tricks Shoma with a fake Evil Spirit Sensor.

Episode 8: The Cursed Straw Doll

At a nearby shrine, Sakura finds a photo of her teacher Suzuki-sensei inside of a cursed straw doll. The culprit? A ghost girl bound by guilt and obsession.

Episode 9: Mikazukido is the Place for the Scythe

Rinne’s scythe is in a state of disrepair, and the shop he usually goes to raised their prices! Craziness ensues as he places his weapon in the hands of a smithing rookie.

Episode 10: Level Six Black Cat

Rokumon attends a Black Cat party for a chance to enjoy fancy cat food! The condition: catch a Jealous Cat spirit before the other Shinigamis' cats do!

Episode 11: A Mystery at the Summer Festival

When Rinne turns down Sakura’s invitation to a summer festival, the last thing she expects to see is him holding hands with another girl at the shooting game! Is this a date?

Episode 12: Ghost Rubber Boat/ There's Something in the Tunnel/ Welcome to Nehanya!

Rinne, Ageha, Sakura, and a very tanned Jumonji work with locals at the beach to help quell troublesome spirits and guide lost souls on a ghost beach.

Episode 13: A Mysterious Transfer Student

A beautiful transfer student is possessed by a spirit and it's luring boys' souls from their bodies! She claims she's cursed, but does she have an ulterior motive?

Episode 14: Renge's Revenge

Renge has one more trick up her sleeve to get back at Rinne, and it involves turning Sakura in the most popular girl in school and forcing Rinne to do damashigami work!

Episode 15: Recovery Cream, Rumor, Mushroom Picking

An accident with Rokumon’s tooth spawns his evil clone. Later, the Black Cats go mushroom hunting, but Rokumon leads Oboro and Suzu to capture the most dangerous kind.

Episode 16: The Breakup Kit

Ageha gets her hands on Breakup Kit, but her plan to separate Sakura from Rinne results in an even bigger misunderstanding between Rinne and Renge the damashigami.

Episode 17: Shinigami Elementary Reunion

After a strange encounter with Masato the demon, Rinne gets tricked into attending his elementary school reunion by someone who harbors an old resentment towards him.

Episode 18: Level-up Test for Black Cats

The test to level up as a black cat contractor is brutal and filled with distractions. Rokumon, Suzu, and Oboro try to make their Shinigami proud with disastrous results.

Episode 19: MVC

Rokumon and the other black cats continue the Level-Up Test. As the felines battle it out, will Rokumon be able to level up so he can purchase Shinigami tools at a discount?

Episode 20: A Pot Samurai / Demon Influenza A and Shinigami Influenza B

Jumonji's expertise on hot pot ingredients may only be trumped by Rinne's intense desire to enjoy hot food on a cold day. Later, Masato deals with his cold “the demon way.”

Episode 21: I'll Give You a Scarf / I'll Be Waiting on the Rink

When a girl gives a scarf to a boy, a phantom scarf appears and strangles him! To lure the haunted scarf, Sakura agrees to knit a scarf for Rinne by hand.

Episode 22: Just the Way We Were

Kain searches for the owner of a coin purse he found in a Damashigami shop raid. Unfortunately, it belongs to Renge, and she’ll do anything to make sure Kain doesn’t find out.

Episode 23: Sakura the Shinigami?!

A scythe that chooses its owner… has chosen Sakura! Together, she and Rinne try to purify a (very valuable) black fox spirit. Meanwhile, Sabato schemes to get the scythe.

Episode 24: Matsugo Again?!

Matsugo, Rinne's enemy-turned-admirer, invites Rinne to a Shinigami school event. To escape this "date", Sakura agrees to pretend to be Rinne's girlfriend.

Episode 25: Sakura's Bet

Rinne desperately tries to correct a misunderstanding with Sakura, who, despite knowing that she’s sad, can’t place the reason why. Can he patch things up before he loses her?