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Perfect Insider, The

Shiki Magata is a genius programmer who, as a child, killed her parents. After being found innocent due to her mental state, she disappeared from the public eye to open an isolated research lab on a remote island. Souhei Saikawa, a college professor, is obsessed with Magata’s work, and, along with his student Moe Nishinosono and the rest of the Saikawa Research Lab, ends up planning a retreat to the island where Magata resides. Thus the stage is set for a series of mysterious instances…

Episodes (11)

Episode 1: Chapter 1: White Interview

After a chance meeting with a genius programmer, college student Moe Nishinosono begins to plan a class retreat.

Episode 2: Unexpected Blue Meeting

Moe, Saikawa and the rest of the students reach Himeka island for their retreat. What seems like a fun camping trip quickly takes a dire turn...

Episode 3: Red Magic

As the group struggles to piece together what happened to Dr. Magata, the lab's director travels to the island with Magata's sister.

Episode 4: Rainbow-Colored Past

Saikawa, Moe, and the group enter Dr. Magata's private rooms to look for clues, but everything they find seems to make the situation even more enigmatic.

Episode 5: Silver Aspiration

The director's wife reveals more details about Dr. Magata's past, as Moe struggles with something Magata told her in their conversation.

Episode 6: Deep Red Determination

Moe and Saikawa steel their resolve and start to regroup in order to start their investigation anew.

Episode 7: Grey Boundary

Saikawa has an extended conversation with Shiki's sister as Shimada shows Moe one of Shiki's inventions.

Episode 8: Violet Dawn

Resolved to help the lab's staff with their attempt to hide Magata's death from the press, Moe and Saikawa get ready to face the day.

Episode 9: Yellow Blind Spot

Just when Moe thinks she is getting close to solving the mystery, new elements to the story begin to surface.

Episode 10: Light Purple Truth

Supposedly, Saikawa is talking directly to Shiki Magata herself. As the police scramble to locate her, Saikawa and Moe draw closer to the answer...

Episode 11: Colorless Weekend

Dr. Magata bids Saikawa a final farewell before allowing herself to be caught by the police. Or has she? More questions walk in the wake of an endless search for answers.