Natsu no Arashi!

If you could travel through time, what would you do? Would you try to change history, or would you focus on more mundane applications? Hajime will discover his answer during his summer vacation when he encounters Arashi, a time-traveling ghost from World War II-era Japan who works at a local cafe run by a con woman.

Playback: Part 2

When is a strawberry not a strawberry? When it’s a “bomb” filled with popping candy, peppers, and mustard! Hajime made three of the deceptive treats, but some are missing...

Girl A

The clock turns back to the day Hajime first met Arashi and the other cafe denizens. Hajime doesn’t know it yet, but he and Arashi have a special connection.

Wanting to Protect

There are many questions surrounding Arashi that need answers, the most important being what it is she wants. Jun warns Hajime that he needs to be careful.

Full of Memories

College students are filming an independent film at Okurayama High School. When Hajime, Jun, and Arashi stop by, they find an old photo of Arashi and another girl…

Secret Flower Garden

While Kaya works at the cafe, Jun tries to hide the one secret that the others, namely Hajime, cannot find out about.

Fall in Love

Jun and Kaya find themselves back in the cafe on April 2, 1945. Kaya once loved a man fated to die the next day. Can his destiny change?

An Outsider's Relation

Could there be others like Arashi and Kaya? It’s possible. Kaya doesn’t think the past should be altered, but Jun could end up changing her mind.

Suit Yourself

An accident at a shrine causes Hajime and Jun to switch bodies! Will Hajime discover Jun’s secret? Sayaka wants to solve a problem, but time travel doesn’t work that way.

HERO (Now's the Time for You to Become a Hero)

Expired mackerel results in an existential dilemma about time travel.


The true identity of the private investigator answers a burning question. Tired of his clients’ actions, Shades helps Hajime confront them.

World Exists for the Sake of Two

Hajime finds himself back in time with one of the most unlikely people imaginable and surrounded by people fated to die in the air raids…

Entrust Yourself to the Flow of Time

The cafe gains two more employees as life returns to normal. Or at least as normal as life can get.

Playback: Part 1

The cafe employees realize they’ve created Schrödinger's milk. More importantly, when is a cherry not a cherry? Hint: The more things change, the more they stay the same.