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My Teen Romantic Comedy ~ SNAFU

When the loner Hachiman Hikigaya is coerced into joining the “Services Club” run by the smart, attractive, and stuck up Yukino Yukinoshita, it’s a recipe for disaster! But we haven’t yet added the third caustic ingredient! Bright and cheery Yui Yuigahama needs the Service Club’s help to bake cookies. It could be a recipe for romance. It could just as easily end in a nuclear meltdown! Get ready for romantic comedy gone totally wrong as the barrage à trois of the Service Club is unleashed!

Comedy Romance Shoujo Slice of Life

Episodes (13)

Episode 1: Youth Romantic Comedy is Wrong, as I Expected

A loner with an inferiority complex is tricked into joining the "Services Club", and along with the young and beautiful, yet extremely stuck up president (who's become a thorn he cannot shake), they help students with their any cost.

Episode 2: All People Surely Have Their Own Worries

Hachiman bears witness as Yui tries to either fit in or break away from her social group. something he is not sure of either way. Later, the club receives a new request from an old friend of Hachiman's.

Episode 3: Sometimes the Gods of Rom-Coms Does Nice Things.

As Hachiman continues to hone his skills in the art of being left alone, another student comes to him with a new request for the club.

Episode 4: In Other Words, He Doesn't Have Many Friends

Hachiman has a small crisis concerning little sisters and what they mean. Afterward he receives a mysterious text, outlining the club's next student request.

Episode 5: Once Again, He Turns Back on the Path from Whence He Came

Hachiman's sister is asked for advise from her classmates. Apparently she has been acting strange lately, and the Service Club intends to find out why.

Episode 6: His Beginning With Her Finally Ends

Shizuka announces that Hachiman and Yui must go on a recruitment drive to find more members, and they know exactly who to target.

Episode 7: Anyway, Getting No Rest, Even Though it's Summer Break, Just Isn't Right

Shizuka is constantly calling and texting Hachiman while he tries to relax during summer vacation.

Episode 8: One Day, They Will Learn the Truth

Shizuka readies a bonfire and a “test of courage.” Later, Yui recognizes the limo that hit Hachiman.

Episode 9: For the Third Time, He Turns Back on the Path from Whence He Came.

Hachiman becomes restless as summer draws to an end. A Firework Festival opens the door for more teasing and many SNAFUs!

Episode 10: The Distance Between Them Remains Unchanged as the Festival is Becoming a Carnival.

Yui notices a rift forming between Hachiman and Yukino. Hachiman is nominated to serve on the committee for the school’s upcoming cultural festival.

Episode 11: And So the Curtain on Each Stage Rises, and the Festival is Festivaling Its Very Best.

Hachiman and Yui check on Yukino. Later, Hachiman shakes things up with the committee when he decides to alter their mindset.

Episode 12: Thus, His and Her and Her Youth Continues to Be Wrong

Soubu High's Cultural Festival continues and Hachiman is stuck carrying out his duty as a committee member by documenting the day's events on film.

Episode 13: And So, Their Festival Will Never End

A mysterious request to helm the upcoming sports festival arrives. The group must band together to figure out a way to pull it off.


Episode 14 (2 min)


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