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Matoi the Sacred Slayer

Matoi Sumeragi works as a part-time shrine maiden at her friend, Yuma’s, family shrine. While Yuma is a trained exorcist and next in line to become the shrine maiden, Matoi is content to pursue a normal life. Unfortunately, “normal life” comes to a crashing halt when she and Yuma find the shrine damaged and Yuma’s parents wounded. Things only escalate as Yuma’s “Divine Possession” ritual aims for, not Yuma, but Matoi, imbuing her with the powers of a god in a fight against evil spirits.

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Episodes (13)

Episode 1: I'm Possessed!

A series of mysterious attacks leave several young women drained of their energy. Meanwhile, Matoi and Yuma work the shrine with no idea the danger looming over them.

Episode 2: I Clad Myself In A God

An invisible apparition is following Matoi wherever she goes, even to school. When photos of her other form land on the internet, other parties descend on her location.

Episode 3: God's Playing Dumb

Luciela, somehow, works her way into the shrine and becomes Matoi and Yuma’s new tutor. Meanwhile, a sinister force takes over a human vessel and prepares another attack.

Episode 4: Her Resolution And My Reason

Clarus burns for revenge against the “Creed Killer,” and she needs Matoi to lure him out. In exchange, she tells Matoi more about her powers and the nature of their enemy.

Episode 5: A Special Kind of Ordinary

Matoi and Yuma take Clarus shopping, but the jovial atmosphere is broken when two little gods are released from inside Yuma and quickly scurry away.

Episode 6: I'm Sorry

Yuma’s frightened tanuki god, Kai, is not nearly as excited as she is about combat, but he and Yuma might be their only hope when a fight against a cute Night turns deadly.

Episode 7: The Sea, The Hot Springs, and Sometimes Evil Spirits

The whole gang ends up at the beach as a day for relaxation. When everyone goes to sleep, chaos ensues.

Episode 8: A Small Wish

Tension arises with Matoi as she becomes uncertain of herself. Meanwhile, Tezuka is suddenly attacked.

Episode 9: Thank You

After an attack by a Night, Shingo and Matoi end up trapped alone together, and Matoi’s transformation is starting to disappear. Is Shingo going to discover her identity?

Episode 10: The Open Gate

At last, it’s time for Matoi to learn about her mother’s past. Meanwhile, Ludos launches another attack on the exorcists, but his orders may not be coming from who he expects.

Episode 11: I'm Heading Out!

Matoi prepares to save the world by saying goodbye to the people she cares about. Meanwhile, Shingo realizes he might lose Matoi to the same calamity that took his wife.

Episode 12: Being Ordinary's the Best

The girls ascend to the highest dimension and try to seal the gate. Matoi only holds one wish in her heart: to be ordinary.

Episode 13: Special Program

Yuma recaps the best moments of Matoi the Scared Slayer with a special appearance by one of the voice actresses!