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Maoyu - Archenemy & Hero

After fifteen years of fighting the Demon King, the warrior named Hero storms the castle to bring this war to an end. Once inside, shocking details are revealed, including the fact that the dreaded Demon King they have all feared is really a Queen! The Queen points out that if the war was to end quickly a civil war would result between the winning factions. Watch to see if a truce is created to bring lasting peace between both sides, twisting up the rules of engagement in Maoyu - Archenemy & Hero!

Adventure Comedy Fantasy Romance

Episodes (12)

Episode 1: You Will Be Mine, Hero. I Refuse!

Facing his enemy by himself, Hero finds that the enemy he has tried so long to reach has many more tricks in store for him.

Episode 2: Please Make Us Human

The deal between Hero and the Demon King is not widely accepted and he begins to question if it was a wise decision to go through with the Demon King's plan.

Episode 3: Where Have You Been?!

The Demon King prepares for the next phase of her plan in a meeting with Hero and a nun in a convent. Past relationships could lead to a difficult futures when the nun learns of the joint venture the Demon King and Hero have planned.

Episode 4: If That Happens, I'll Take a Bite Out of the Hero!

Months pass since the Demon King has heard from Hero. His absence has made it hard for her to concentrate on her guests, the Delegates from the trade group.

Episode 5: You Smell Good, Demon King. And I Feel Safe in Your Arms, Hero.

A year passes without any advancement and Hero doesn't like what the outcome of a losing battle looks like.

Episode 6: Welcome Back, Hero! Yeah, Old Man. I'm Back!

The battle to take bright Light Island is going nowhere fast. Victory lies on the shoulders of the Crimson Scholar and the reformatted battle plan.

Episode 7: I'll Be Back Soon, We'll See Each Other Soon.

The Demon King gets her affairs in order as she prepares to return to the Demon realm.

Episode 8: Take This Sword My Lord.

Hero goes on a trip with the Merchant and the Crimson Scholar but the Church has other plans for the Scholar.

Episode 9: I Am Human.

The speech of the century makes the enemy rethink their plans and leads to a retreat.

Episode 10: So Now Their Plans are Finally Coming to Fruition?

The actions of one person will determine the fate of many.

Episode 11: I Just Destroy and Kill, Without Creating Anything

As the Demons and soldiers mobilize for war, a proposal with the Financial minister is made by Merchant.

Episode 12: I'm Back, My Hero. You Sleep Too Much, My Demon King

The battle is on with the Demon King as measures are being pt in place to prevent an all out war.


Episode 13 (2 min)


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