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Love Stage

Although Izumi Sena comes from a family of superstars, all he wants to do is become a manga artist. After an unfortunate incident on the set of a commercial during Izumi’s childhood, he’s less than thrilled at the thought of stardom. But when the cast of said commercial is called back together 10 years later, Izumi will be forced back into the spotlight. And Izumi’s former costar, the very famous and very handsome Ryoma Ichijo, is very much looking forward to it.

Episodes (10)

Episode 1: The Door to My Dreams

College student Izumi Sena wants to become a manga artist but just doesn't have that talent. Luckily, his family is in the business and gives him a chance to star in a commercial which he messes up. Will he be able to redeem himself in a re shoot?

Episode 2: Because I Was Able to Meet You

During the bridal commercial he finds out that he will be behind the veil which doesn't make Ryouma very happy.

Episode 3: If Only It Had All Been A Dream

Ryouma has having feelings for Izumi and goes to his house to put these feelings behind him. Izumi realizes his luck is running out when he finds that the marble is cracked.

Episode 4: But I Do Like You

Rei tries to calm Izumi down and get him to come out of hiding by relating to what Izumi has experienced. Ryouma gravels and apologizes and just wants to make things right. The press however, may have another angle to go on.

Episode 5: Just A Little

Now that they're texting buddies, Ryouma has been barraging Izumi with messages. To make matters worse he shows up at Izumi's college! Though Ryouma might be overbearing he's the only one who can help Izumi meet the Kadoyama Manga Prize deadline.

Episode 6: What Kind of Test is That?

With the threat of the paparazzi releasing photos of Izumi and Ryouma there is also an opportunity…

Episode 7: Could This Be...

Now that his dreams have been crushed Izumi turns to Ryouma for comfort. But in his thoughtlessness Izumi ends up hurting Ryouma.

Episode 8: Love Stage — Men's Style

As Izumi's debut looms over him, he becomes exceedingly nervous. Rei gives him a gift to boost his confidence while Ryouma and Shougo support him.

Episode 9: Which Way Is Right?

Still unsure of his own feelings Izumi can't help himself from buying up everything related to Ryouma! To make matters worse he now has to deal with aftermath of his debut and run from the clutches of obsessed fans.

Episode 10: Love Isn't Enough

After escaping his attackers Izumi learns the truth behind Ryouma's gift from Saotomi Sensei. Finally ready to face his true feelings he rushes to find Ryouma.