13 is a young age to take care of yourself, but when her grandmother dies, Kana Nakamachi finds herself out on the street looking for a new place to live. Fortunately, her luck changes for the better when a local newspaper office needs a new delivery girl, and the payment includes room and board! Of course, there are a few problems at first, so it’s a good thing that her new co-workers are willing to help her out, even if most of them are more than a little eccentric.

My First Time Alone...

Kana urgently needs a new place to live. The Fuhshin Gazette urgently needs a new hire. This sounds like the beginning of a mutually beneficial arrangement!

My First Newspaper Delivery

It’s Kana’s first day on the job, and it’s up to Saki to show her the ropes. There are just two problems: Kana’s overactive imagination and her inability to ride a bike.

My First Smile

School’s back in session and the new transfer student might become a new friend! If Kana wants to sell newspapers, she NEEDS to do something about that hideous smile of hers.

My First Time at the Pool

Customer gift cards give the employees a fantastic idea: They should all go to Water Land! And what better way to express this excitement than through song?

My First Time at the Public Bath

A typhoon’s coming, and the Fuhshin Gazette employees really don’t want to deliver newspapers in that kind of weather!

My First Ghost Story

The typhoon rages on, and there’s nothing left to do but wait until it passes. But what will the Fuhshin Gazette employees all do once the power goes out?

My First Encounter

The Obon Festival is here, and Kana’s thoughts turn towards her recently deceased grandmother, whose memory she wishes to honor.

My First Time Reminiscing

Marimo was the single WORST employee the Fuhshin Gazette ever had. Despite that, Saki seemed to have a soft spot for her, despite claiming otherwise.

My First Diet?

Kana stresses over her weight gain and decides to do something about it. This explains why she’s running around in a dog costume.

My First Feelings

Yume and Yuki are always together, that is until Yume leaves for her hometown. Now, Kana takes it on herself to avoid anything that could upset Yuki even further!

My First Time as a Nurse

The Fuhshin Gazette employees better watch out! There’s an illness going around, and it doesn’t care that papers need delivering! It looks like Kana needs to play nurse.

The First Person

A flea market gives everyone at the Fuhshin Gazette the opportunity to raise funds for a new AC! But despite everything going well, something’s really bothering Kana...

And My First...

With a new hire coming soon, Kana decides she’s finally going to learn how to ride a bike! Later, Kana needs a new memo book, but she’s really short on cash.