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Familiar of ZERO, The (Season 1)

Louise Francoise Le Blanc de La Valliere may have a long name, but her spell-casting skills just come up short and her classmates call her Louise the Zero. When she is tasked with a test of summoning a familiar, she summons Hiraga Saito, a normal teenager from Tokyo while everyone else summons great beasts. Will Louise figure out what she excels in? Will Saito and Louise make a great team? Find out in The Familiar of ZERO!

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Episodes (13)

Episode 1: Zero Louise

The students are introduced to their teacher and they demonstrate alchemy spell casting and summoning their familiar.

Episode 2: Commoner Familiar

Still new at becoming a familiar, Saito struggles to accept that he is louise's servant.

Episode 3: Feverish Temptation

After defeating the noble Guiche in a battle, Saito finds that the peasants have begun to look up to him. Saito also gains a friend he can wield.

Episode 4: A Maid's Crisis

Saito learns that Siesta is now the servant of Mott a Triangle-Class Mage. In order to save her, Mott requests they trade for a Zerbst family heirloom.

Episode 5: Tristein's Princess

Louise prepares for the annual exhibition by preparing Saito to be presented amongst the familiars.

Episode 6: A Thief's Identity

After the palace treasure was stolen, Louise, Kirche, and their Familiars are tasked to retrieve it and bring the Staff of Destruction back to the institution.

Episode 7: Louise's Part-Time Job

After capturing the thief and returning the staff of destruction to the institution, Louise and Saito are given a special mission by Princess Henrietta.

Episode 8: Tabitha's Secret

With the Summer holiday started, many of the students and their Familiars have gone home for vacation.

Episode 9: Louise's Change of Heart

Louise drinks a potion intended for another and ends up having eyes for Saito.

Episode 10: A Princess's Request

Princess Henrietta plans to marry into the Royal Family of Germania to strengthen the country of Tristein. Saito discovers something special about himself.

Episode 11: Louise's Marriage

Louise accepts the proposal from Wardes to get married before analyzing the motives for such a proposal.

Episode 12: Zero Treasure

Louise briefs Osman of the plans of the reconquista. Siesta gets permission to take a vacation and will return home to her village. After she explains the story of her great-grandfathers origin, Saito asks to go back to her village with her.

Episode 13: Louise The Void

After discovering that the way Siesta's grandfather arrived in this world was by a zero fighter, Saito plans to try and fly home during the eclipse.


Episode 14 (2 min)


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