DOREIKU The Animation

Descend into the dark world of SCM, where you are labeled either a master or servant based on your ability to win a game of chance. A strange sequence of events leads a group of people to enter the game, each driven by a hidden agenda. In a game where the players advance their position through means of greed, deception, and power, what type of depravity will they reach to become the ultimate master?


After a chance encounter, Yuuga and Eia agree to test themselves using a mysterious device called SCM. Lucie looks for the man who wronged her to seek revenge.


Yuuga and Eia challenge two people to a game, exploring the boundaries of the SCM.


Seiya is found out by Eia and Yuuga. Meanwhile, two people are confronted with what using the SCM truly means.


Eia runs into an old friend. Later, Zero is approached by a little boy who needs help avenging his father that died because of the SCM.


Zero unintentionally reveals new information about the SCM. Meanwhile, Eia and Yuuga disagree over how to proceed with their plan.


Zushiohmaru recalls his time before reuniting with Eia. Despite his confidence, Yuuga quickly finds himself over his head.


Julia recalls her life before the SCM. Meanwhile, Fujiko attempts to win more slaves.


Julia infiltrates a high school to gather information about a mysterious SCM user. Eia and Yuuga duel someone.


While waiting for Julia, Ryuuou and Zero are challenged to a duel by a stranger where Ryuuou learns about a dangerous flaw in


With Julia still missing, Ataru and the others attempt to rescue her, despite not receiving direct orders. Meanwhile, Maria does what she can to protect Zero.


After learning that Sachi was taken hostage, Eia and the others create a plan to rescue her with unexpected consequences.


An unexpected alliance forms in order to rescue Julia and the others.