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Blade & Soul

In a world where stunning beauty is menaced by evil, the up-and-coming empire struggles to defeat the empire of old and unite all races together in the dawning of a new age. Enter: Alka, a buxom assassin looking to exact revenge for the death of her teacher, Hon. She’s on the hunt for his killer, Jin Valel, a demonic dame that kills without remorse. Nevertheless, they are a part of the same “Blade Clan,” and Alka feels conflicted and sympathetic, as they are essentially one-in-the-same.

Action Fantasy Shounen

Episodes (13)

Episode 1: Path 1

Alka is accused of killing her own Master by the Palam Empire, and a bounty is issued. While on the run, she meets a village merchant who, impressed with her skills, hires her for protection.

Episode 2: Desire

Alak continues her journey, finding herself in a new town with a local mercenary as a "drinking" buddy. Things come to a head when one too many people notice the distinctive tattoo of the Clan of the Sword.

Episode 3: Revenge

Alka runs into the Pleasure Gang, a group of thieves led by a beautiful woman. With Hazuki hot on her trail, Alka finally comes face to face with her master's killer: Jin Varrel.

Episode 4: Sword

After surviving her first encounter with Jin Varrel, Alka is rescued by two small children living on the fringe on the city. With food running out, the elder brother takes up Alka's sword, starting his way down the wrong path.

Episode 5: Flower

A brash young man has hired Alka to help him rid the village of the death machine that is the Heaven's Spirit plantation. An unexpected guest arrives, throwing a wrench into his plans.

Episode 6: Dream

A Group of Anti-Palam citizens form their own army to stand up against their oppressors to seek revenge for the atrocities commited against them and their loved ones. A crack in the unified front presents a chance for Jin Varrel and her comrades to break the army apart from within.

Episode 7: Time

Alka runs into a familiar face and is invited to a compound called the boat of cleansing. It soon becomes apparent that the the group is a cult driven by a mad woman calling herself "Mother".

Episode 8: Sky

Be filled with emotions, but act as if you have none. Alka finally comes to blows with Jin Varrel as she and Master Hon's last disciple contemplate his last teachings.

Episode 9: Moon

While Alka is working at Karen's shop, she gains a friend in Miharu as well as a new direction in life.

Episode 10: Sin

Hayate and Hana work on trying to solve why Alka is not herself and discover a connection that Alka has with their dead daughter.

Episode 11: Punishment

As the climax nears, it's time for Jin Varrel and Alka's story to entertwine!

Episode 12: Soul

Jin brings out the big guns as the threats increase against her. Even though Alka tries to match Jin's strength, their doesn't seem to be an end to her power.

Episode 13: God

Hazuki gets a treasure map as a prize. Whether it is real or not is up to interpretation, but it is the adventure that awaits them that could be the real treasure.

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