Bermuda Triangle ~ Colorful Pastorale

Mermaids are known worldwide as bewitching mythological creatures of the sea. Despite their charms and otherworldly powers, daily life for these beings comes with everyday problems. But there’s nothing that can’t be overcome with the support of friends. Follow the adventures of five young mermaids as they explore their town and the world around them in this delightful slice-of-life series that takes viewers to an enchanting world beneath the waves.

Welcome to Parrel

Life in Parrel isn't always eating cake and making friends, there is much to learn and explore, but what happens when the girls discover a hidden treasure?

So Many Cineorbs

Despite Ardi’s warning not to return to the theater, Sonata cannot just forget what they found there. When she later turns up missing, Caro has a good idea where she went.

Five of Us, Together

The girls start renovations to the theater, but it’s missing a certain something. What can they do to make it a little more cozy?

Boldly, with Everything You've Got

Serena doesn’t understand; The projector should be working, but it’s not. Something’s being overlooked. What could it be?

Surprise and Excitement

Success – the movie theater is now up and operational, but this is only the beginning. Now its time to host a screening!

Tell Me Your Name

Fina finds an unusual Cineorb inside the movie theater. Will the strange tide rolling over Parrel unlock its secrets?

So, I'll Just Have It All

There’s a new mermaid in town, and she’s not impressed by the work the girls have done on the theater. Can the screening of a special film change her tune?

Well, Those are Called Shoes

The girls run an errand — on land! Will they enjoy being part of our world, or do they really belong under the sea?

Hey, Do You Want Some, Too?

Caro lands a role in a movie being filmed in Parrel! Hopefully she can overcome her nerves in time to film her scenes.

How Do You Film With This, Anyway?

When Sonata finds an empty Cineorb, she’s asked to film Parrel's Pearlbaar festival. Too bad something seems amiss with her camera…

This Song's...

When Canon is offered an audition in Atlantia, she finds herself torn between staying in Parrel and returning home—and a severe case of crystallization isn’t helping matters!

Become a Small Light and Shine

The mermaids of Parrel always get their mail… eventually. Could a belated delivery of Canon’s letters to Verata shed some light on her true feelings?