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Where can I find you guys?

Almost everywhere!  Anime Network is available as a Free or Subscription Video on Demand service on most Cable & Satellite providers in North America.  There are also thousands of episodes that can be watched right here in our Online Player!  Away from the TV or computer? No problem! Anime Network has mobile apps & episodes to download & take with you anywhere!  Still need more accessibility? Anime Network content is available on other services, such as Netflix, Playstation, & YouTube!  To find Anime Network in your area or on the service of your choice, just click WHAT'S ON and have a look.  


Why don’t you guys show _____ anymore? 

Our shows run on cycles, so sooner or later we’ll put that certain show back up and you can watch it then.  If it has ended on VOD, check the Online Player.  


You guys should get X show, its really cool!  Why don’t you guys have it?

In some cases we may not hold the license to show certain shows on our network, but rest assured we are always trying to acquire new stuff for all you anime fans out there so we welcome all your suggestions!  Send them to info@theanimenetwork.com


Do you guys have a 24/7 channel?  If so, where can I find it?

Unfortunately we had to discontinue our 24/7 service.  Maybe in the future we will revive it, so keep an eye out on the site for news about it!  In the meantime check out our mobile phone networks on Sprint and on iPhone.


Video on Demand


X show/shows didn’t show up on my VOD service this week!  Who do I talk to about this?

If for some reason your scheduled episode failed to show up (known as a “pitch failure”) then you can go to the Services section of the forums and post in the Anime Network VOD Reports/Updates/Questions Thread (2010) about your problem.  Our mods will then report it to someone here at the Network and we’ll work on it as best we can.  We also encourage you to contact your service provider to let them know, too.  


I'm not sure if my provider offers Anime Network VOD. How do I find out?

To find Anime Network in your area just click WHAT'S ON and see if your provider is listed. You can also take a look at the schedule to see what shows are on.  Can't find your provider? You can watch thousands of episodes right here in our Online Player or call up your provider and DEMAND YOUR ANIME NETWORK!


Website/Online Player


The Online Player is acting funky!  Who do I talk to about this?

We have a dedicated section just for that type of problem on the forums.  Go to the Anime Network Online Player Reports/Problems/Updates Thread in the forum and post about it and our kickass mods will pass your complaint on to us.  Aren’t they sweethearts?


I'm getting "Denied by Region" and it says my region is "GB" (or some other country). I'm in the US. Why am I seeing this?

As you probably know, Anime Network is one of many companies who license Anime from Japanese producers. Typically the Anime Network secures permission to show the licensed content in North America and sometimes Great Britain. To meet our licensing obligations we have to prevent users from regions we're not licensed for watching the content. To do this we check the visiting user's network address (TCP/IP address) against a database of addresses that maps them to geographic region.

But I'm in the US. Why does my address map to some other country?

The reason your address some times maps to another country is because your ISP (Comcast, Verizon, Earthlink, other) change your address from time to time. It usually doesn't happen very often but when it does there's a small possibility they'll assign you an address that was once geographically mapped to the UK or another country.

How did a Network Address from GB get to the US?

Without going into a ton of details, the internet is running out of network addresses. 30+ years ago when the current numbering scheme was devised there were plenty of addresses available. More than enough, so it seemed. Now that we all have connectivity to our houses, our phones and maybe a few toasters out there, we're almost out. So when an ISP in GB, the US, Canada or somewhere else gives one back it's given to a new ISP. And that ISP may be in another country. The problem is our database is only updated on the first of each month. This means that if your address changes after the 1st and it's a recently "imported" address, we might think you're in the UK and block your access to some content you'd normally be allowed to watch.

What should I do?

Don't panic. You can either go to the  or send an email to info@theanimenetwork.com with your username, the address you saw on the "Denied by Region" page and what country you are in. We'll manually validate your IP Address and add you to the DB.

What about this "Running out of Addresses" Thing. Is this bad?

Annoying but not necessarily bad. Networking gurus, ISPs and fortune tellers around the world have known this would happen someday and they're already working on a fix that will increase the size of the address space so the world won't run out of addresses for billions of years (or more). Seriously. The new addressing scheme is so large it's we could have begun assigning 1 billion addresses per second since the Big Bang and we'd be nowhere near exhausting the space. See this article for more details.


I'm trying to register, but am having problems! What do I do?

Send us an email at info@theanimenetwork.com and one of our super sweet staffers will sort you out! Be sure to include the user name and email address you were trying to register with. 


My relative/friend/significant other/etc. loves Anime Network. I want to buy them a subscription to the Online Player, but don't want to just give them my credit card number.

No problem! We offer gift subscriptions.  You can buy your person a monthly, quarterly, or annual subscription. You can even specify when the email notification will be sent to them, so you can surprise them with the news yourself!


So, how do I get involved in the community and forums here?

First off, register for free. When you log in, you can set up your profile. Next, head over to the forums and read the Forum Rules/FAQ Thread. Then hit the Intros Thread and start posting & interacting.  


How can I cancel my subscription?

If you need to cancel your online Premium Subscription, use the following steps:

1) Go to your Profile

2) Go to EDIT PROFILE under the Profile tab (between Home and Friends)


Click on MANAGE SUBSCRIPTION on the right-side of the screen.













4) From here you can choose to cancel your subscription.





If you cancel, a confirmation email will be sent to the email address associated with your account and your billing will cease. You will continue to have access to Premium content until your current subscription period expires.





I still have some questions about my subscription?


If you have any other questions regarding your Premium or Mobile Subscription, you can either post the in the Anime Network Subscriptions Thread or email us at subscriptions@theanimenetwork.com

We will need to know if you are referring to an Anime Network Online subscription or a Mobile App subscription.





DO NOT send or post personal information, such as your credit card number, in this email or the forums. A representative from the Accounting Department will contact you to get that info.




*If you are inquiring about your mobile application subscription, please let us know which app you downloaded and what platform of phone you are using (ex. iPhone, Nokia, etc)

NOTE: Anime Network cannot manage your cable VOD subscription - for that, you must speak with your VOD provider. 



Any other questions we didn’t cover here?  Send them to info@theanimenetwork.com and we will give as much help as we can in answering them!





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