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iDOLM@ster Xenoglossia

The Moon’s destruction 107 years ago is a distant memory. So when Haruka Amami auditions for the Idolmaster Project, she THINKS she’s trying out to be a singer. Instead, her career is going meteoric and you won’t believe the rocks she will roll! Haruka is now a pilot candidate for an iDOL—a robot that intercepts moon debris. When she pilots Imber, she questions the nature of the iDOLs. The mysteries mount, the competition is furious and the mission to save Earth is on in iDOLM@ster Xenoglossia!

Action Comedy Drama Sci-Fi

Episodes (26)

Episode 1: Penguin Proceeds to Tokyo

Small-town girl Haruka Amami is elated when she passes her audition for a big role in Tokyo… but her big break isn’t exactly what she expects. After arriving in Tokyo and witnessing the launch of an IDOL, a mecha used to protect Earth from asteroids, Haruka discovers that she has been chosen as an IDOL pilot.

Episode 2: Idol’s Master

After the giant rogue IDOL is defeated by Makoto, Haruka is given an offer she can’t refuse – to become an IDOLMaster. Her friend Yayoi is convinced that the organization is swindling her, and leads her on a wild goose-chase trying to track down the truth.

Episode 3: Idol & Master

Haruka begins to settle into her new life, attending classes at the high school that is a cover for the Mondenkind IDOL organization. She is introduced to the team and trains for work, protecting Japan from meteorites that would cause immense destruction on impact.

Episode 4: Gyoza & American Hot Dogs

Iori has failed to destroy a meteorite, merely splitting it in half so that there are now two targets to destroy. When Haruka saves the day, it only exacerbates Iori’s rivalry with her.

Episode 5: Cold Hand, Warm Hand

After Yukiho and Haruka fail an exam, a retest is planned by Asuza that stresses them both out. When their studies don’t go very well, an annoyed Iori steps up to coach them.

Episode 6: At the Height of 20,000 Meters

Haruka and Yukiho are doing very well in their respective jobs. Ritsuko gives them instruction on the maintenance of the IDOLs. Haruka is deployed to handle two Lemon-class meteorites, but the targets suddenly disappear – only for more bogeys to suddenly show up on Mondenkind’s sensors.

Episode 7: I’m Back, Welcome Back

Chihaya is determined to get the Imber back, even if it costs Haruka her life. While Mondenkind deals with the crisis, Haruka winds up in the infirmary, having lost consciousness.

Episode 8: Confeito at Night

Haruka and the others are at the beach, but this is no vacation – they are performing activation tests and pilot training for Imber and other IDOLs in the same town where Imber and Nebula were manufacatured.

Episode 9: Keyboard

Imber is being fitted with new equipment to help in the fight against Turiavita, the former research department of Mondenkind which went rogue. The girls are sent to find an idol, Ami Futami, who used to be a mechanic for Mondenkind,  and ask her to come back as a consultant.

Episode 10: Dissonance 'Noise'

The IDOLs and their pilots go through harmonization, fine-tuning the machines to match their pilots. Iori’s numbers are the best she’s ever attained, pushing Makoto out of being Nebula’s master.

Episode 11: Niflheim

Haruka and Ritsuko are in Iceland hunting for one of the lost IDOLs. Chihaya has also gotten her hands on this intel, and Turiavita deploys her.

Episode 12: Musplheim

Mondenkind searches for Haruka, who happens to be with Chihaya but does not recognize her. Makoto foolishly takes off on her mission, desperate to prove herself the top-performing IDOLmaster.

Episode 13: Room No. 501

Makoto is completely out of synch with the Nebula, but refuses to see her treatment of it as being the underlying cause.

Episode 14: Hard to Move, Somehow

Iori is sent out as Nebula’s pilot, charged with setting up two early-warning satellites in space. But this routine mission is just an excuse to try out some covert experimentation with the iDOL.

Episode 15: Hangar Heaven

Imber goes berserk. Mondenkind tries everything they can think of to stop him, but to no avail. It seems they’ll be forced to make him self-destruct...

Episode 16: iDOL & Idol

Haruka has found a video of Chihaya in one of Imber’s files that shows he abandoned her after being in harmony. She loses confidence in their relationship, wondering if the same thing could happen to her.

Episode 17: Stray Rabbit

Saku leads the investigation into the identity of the mole at Mondenkind, and Yukiho keeps attracting his eye.

Episode 18: Night

The Turiavita have launched a surprise attack on Mondenkind’s base in Tsukimijima. They ransom Ami in exchange for Nebula and Imber.

Episode 19: Goodbye

Haruka has lost Imber, while Nebula is busy fighting off Riffa. With all five iDOLs in Turiavita, Mondenkind must destroy the IDOLS with a shot from Vulturius – even if it costs millions of lives.

Episode 20: The Way Back

Ami and Mami are safe back in Mondenkind’s Japanese base, though Tempestas sacrificed all his memories to save them. Yukiho and Imber, however, did not return, leaving Haruka grieving.

Episode 21: The Last Pudding

Depressed by the betrayal of Yukiho and Imber, Haruka locks herself in her bedroom. Joseph begins an investigation into who is really running Mondenkind.

Episode 22: Key & Bat

Saku relocates almost all the staff from Mondenkind Japan and puts the base on lock down. It’s up to Joseph to gather people back together and take back the base.

Episode 23: RUN!

Mondenkind Japan must fend off Turiavita’s onslaught and buy enough time for Haruka to talk to Imber. Haruka confesses her feelings to Imber, but will he accept or reject her now that he has Chihaya once more?

Episode 24: 108 Years of Reconstruction

Azusa infiltrates Turiavita’s headquarters and discloses the information with Mondenkind and various countries. At the same time, Chihaya undergoes the preparations necessary to become one with Imber.

Episode 25: Spring Snow

Haruka goes to Turiavita’s headquarters to confront Yukiho and Chihaya one last time. But with a horde of Epimetheus units blocking the way, the going won’t be easy. Lucky for Haruka, she doesn’t have to do it all on her own.

Episode 26: The Moon & The Penguin

Aulyn has grown unstable after absorbing Nubilum. If something isn’t done soon, the entire planet will be destroyed! The iDOLs are willing to sacrifice themselves to save the ones they love, but how do their Masters feel about this?


Episode 27 (2 min)


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