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You're Under Arrest: Full Throttle (Season 3)

Following up YUA: Fast and Furious, it's YOU'RE UNDER ARREST: FULL THROTTLE! The ladies of Bokuto Police Station are back, but there have been some BIG changes!  Miyuki's been in the U.S., studying American police techniques while Natsumi's actually been serving in the military!  So have these world-changing experiences had any effect on how everyone's favorite girls in blue carry out their duties protecting the Japanese public?  Have they gained a more "mature" perspective?  Well. let's just say that, if anything, they may be even wilder and less cautious than before!  (Except for that blossoming "relationship" between Miyuki and Nakajima, where things are getting decidedly delicate.)  Whether rescuing young orphans from yakuza types to confronting rogue wrestlers and even giant snakes, action has never been more extreme than in the outrageous YOU'RE UNDER ARREST: FULL THROTTLE!

Action Comedy Shounen

Episodes (24)

Episode 1: Reunion

Miyuki returns from forensic training in America while Natsumi comes back from Ranger training under the JGSDF. They get tangled up in a plot to kidnap an American-Japanese named Randy Hammond, son of a late millionaire.

Episode 2: The Blue-Eyed Samurai

Following the failed attempt to kidnap Randy, Kachou placed him under custody of the Bokuto Station, despite objections from Hammond representatives. Natsumi and Miyuki assist Randy in seeing Ikari in order to mend their family ties. 

Episode 3: The Powerful, No-Parking Wrestler!

Bokuto station gets excited after Detective Tokuno brings over some taiyaki from a popular shop. But the shop is having trouble as someone has been moving cars off the road and stacking them against the wall.

Episode 4: Snake Panic at Bokuto Police Station

While on routine traffic duty, Aoi and Yoriko come across a reptile-collecting girl. One of her large snakes takes a liking to Miyuki, and then goes missing!

Episode 5: There's a Baby Locked in the Car!

A string of car break-ins has been going on at different public parking lots, and the Chief of Bakuto Station puts everyone on alert. But this time the guy who has been responsible finds a baby that was neglectfully locked in a car.

Episode 6: Aoi Becomes a Man?!

A police officer comes out of retirement to help out with things in Bokuto Station. The officer tries to turn Aoi into a man by giving him and the entire department some special training.

Episode 7: The Taxi Robber

Miyuki and Natsumi decide to perform their own undercover operation and find out why there are a rash of attacks on drunk females.

Episode 8: Chief Has an Illegitimate Child?! A Dangerous Picnic

Since Kachou resembles Souko's deceased Father, he starts acting like her Father in order to alleviate some of her fears of loosing him.

Episode 9: Yoriko Nikaidou, Bachelorette

Yoriko experiences insecurities about all aspects of her life.

Episode 10: A Sudden Outbreak of Robots

Miyuki and Natsumi attend an exhibition of rescue robots. They somehow become involved with the demo of these robots.

Episode 11: To the Most Important Person in the World

Ken decides to write Miyuki a love letter.

Episode 12: Finally, a Reality! A Dream Match!

Natsumi arranges a baseball competition between the Traffic divisions and the Criminal Investigation team.

Episode 13: Identity Revealed! The Great Unmasking

Yoriko shares an urban legend about a haunted TV someone picked up from a dump, which puts everyone on edge when they explore an abandoned factory that people are using to dump junk illegally.

Episode 14: Ten Thousand Suspects

On the day of a summer festival parade, a hit-and-run victim's dog helps in the search for the culprit.

Episode 15: 24 Hours with the Bokuto Police Office!

Bamba Hiroaki, a famous independent director, is filming a documentary about the Bokuto Traffic section, with a special eye on the legendary pair of Miyuki and Natsumi.

Episode 16: Protect the Charity Event

A charity event at Riverside Mall is threatened by a bomb set to go off at noon. The ladies of Bokuto Traffic are given the task of donning silly costumes and patrolling the event.

Episode 17: Natsumi Tsujimoto's Dream-Like Day

Natsumi comes down with a nasty virus. The Criminal Investiation squad is after a criminal called Spider, who jumps between the rooftops, targeting condos.

Episode 18: Three Policewomen in an All-Out Dash Along the Beach!

Aoi, Yoriko, Miyuki and Natsumi meet Saori at the beach. Yoriko is frustrated by Aoi's undeniable success with men.

Episode 19: Business as Usual on the Bokuto Front

Miyuki and Natsumi are in the middle of a spat,  after a suspect gets away.

Episode 20: Bokuto Police Station: In Memory of an Innocent Love

While on patrol, Yoriko tells Natsumi about a girl who jaywalked and was killed at a particular intersection. Natsumi later finds her diary.

Episode 21: Vigilante Racer Part 1

Joyriders and street racers have been wreaking havoc in the city every weekend for a month. Miyuki and Natsumi ask to be put on night duty in order to catch them.

Episode 22: Vigilante Racer Part 2

Kobayakawa has written a letter of resignation after the incident with  the red car. Nakajima's father gets involved in the plan to draw out the vigilante driver.

Episode 23: We're Going to Arrest You!

Yoriko and Aoi attempt to discover Miyuki and Natsumi's secret to succes and emulate them.

Episode 24: The Place Where We Belong

Miyuki and Natsumi show two new recruits the ropes.

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