TV 14 (V) - Shorts
Yamishibai: Japanese Ghost Stories

In this short series, an old man tells children horror stories based on Japanese myths and urban legends. He tells the stories using kamishibai, a traditional Japanese storytelling method utilizing paper scrolls.

The Talisman Woman

After removing a mysterious talisman from his ceiling, a young man notices an eerie woman staring at him from the neighboring apartment building.


A man wakes up in a hospital bed with no recollection of how he ended up there. Events only grow stranger when he notices three strange men sitting in the room with him.

The Family Rule

A young boy named Toshiharu moves with his family back to his grandparents' countryside home. He soon learns of a horrific family tradition...


An elementary school teacher remains late at school to work. After some mysterious hair-like lines appear on a photocopy, she opens the machine and finds something unexpected.

The Next Floor

A man on a shopping trip with his family gets a sudden call from work. Taking the elevator out of the mall, he witnesses some paranormal events.

The Overhead Rack

An overworked salaryman sees a grotesque figure on the train home. He attributes it to a fatigue hallucination, but there could be more to it than that...


A young woman named Yuuko gets a panicked call from a friend, a call that leads to nothing but trouble.

The Umbrella Goddess

Kenji, a boy visiting his friend in the countryside, notices a woman behaving strangely, holding an open umbrella in her mouth.


Kotone, a teenaged girl with a curse on her body, is promised a cure to her affliction. The cure may be more than she bargained for, tough...

The Moon

A group of boys on a baseball team retreat recall an incident that occurred to one of their members, though he fails to remember it.


Three students take a break from studying to watch a home video, but the contents of the tape seem unfamiliar to the recorder...


A girl returns to her apartment complex to find a group of boys huddled around a strange black mass - supposedly their friend, "Tomonari-kun."


A group of elementary school students are on the look out for a local urban legend, "the Tormentor."