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World God Only Knows, The (Season 1)

Keima is a dating sim champion. Cute girls are rendered powerless by his irresistible game playing techniques. Too bad things aren’t that way in the real world. That is, until his tempting game playing causes a real live—and very bubbly-cute—demon hunter named Elsie to materialize! Now Elsie wants Keima to help her free hot girls from sneaky demons who secretly possess them. Rack up the love points with the devilishly fun anime The World God Only Knows!

Adventure Comedy Drama Romance

Episodes (12)

Episode 1: Love Makes the World Go Round

Keima is video gaming's "God of Conquest" when it comes to meeting women. However, he isn't as suave in the real world. This becomes problematic when Elsie, an adorable demon from Hell, charges him with helping her retrieve the souls that have escaped from Hell and are hiding inside women.

Episode 2: Demon of a Sister/Baby, You’re a Rich Girl

Elsie enrolls in school as Keima's sister and further complicates his life by moving in with him. Keima meets Mio-- the next woman he has to woo.

Episode 3: Drive My Car/I Don’t Want to Spoil the Party

Keima capitalizes on his knowledge that Mio's situation isn't what it appears to be.

Episode 4: On a Crusade

Elsie is impressed that Keima's devotion to fictional girls rivals his devotion to real ones.

Episode 5: IDOL BOMB!!

Elsie's favorite idol may have sinister plans for Keima.

Episode 6: I’m Ordinary?

Keima is determined to free Kanon of her demons.

Episode 7: Shining Star

Keima helps Kanon see that she truly is a star.

Episode 8: 8 Coupling With, With, With...

Chaos ensues as Elsie's good intentions create more problems!

Episode 9: Inside & Outside the Big Wall

Elsie sets out to learn history but instead becomes engrossed by fire trucks. While in the library, she detects a spirit hiding within the librarian.

Episode 10: Inside of Me...

Keima purposefully provokes Shiori in order to get her to speak her mind.

Episode 11: The Last Day

Shiori stages a protest against the new media room in the library.

Episode 12: More Than a God, Less Than a Human

Keima has been so busy helping Elsie, he hasn't kept up with playing video games. He races to catch up with some encouragement from his "game girls."


Episode 13 (2 min)


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