TV-14 - TV Series
World God Only Knows, The: Goddesses (Season 3)

Dating sim champion Keima has more than proven his abilities in the real world after capturing the hearts of 14 girls, and freeing them of the stray spirits lurking within them. But when a goddess possessing Keima’s neighbor, Tenri, appears with a mission, Keima’s going to have to revisit the girls whose hearts he stole in order to find her five sisters and restore their powers. Meanwhile, a mysterious organization lurking in the shadows threatens these unsuspecting girls’ lives!

Episodes (12)

Episode 1: Flag. 1.0 When the Sun Goes Down

The students at Maijima High School are excited for a surprise visitor. While Keima’s neighbor from her childhood, Tenri, returns and shares secrets about the Jupiter Sisters.

Episode 2: Flag. 2.0 Scrambled Formation

There is a group which seeks to restore the Ancient Demons and they are at odds with the goddess Apollo.  What happens when these two worlds clash?

Episode 3: Flag. 3.0 5 Home

Keima learns more about what hosting a goddess entails and experiments with other hosts.

Episode 4: Flag. 4.0 Doll Roll Hall

Books attacking people, searches for residents of Heaven, and special guests all make for a jam-packed episode where Keima, Nora and Elsie all play important roles.

Episode 5: Flag. 5.0 Punch and Date

We find out if Kanon has been redeemed and Keima searches for the remaining goddesses, until he’s approached by an atypical host.

Episode 6: Flag. 6.0 About Me

Shiori is struggling with completing her story for the Mai High Festival and the fourth goddess is released!

Episode 7: Flag. 7.0 Bad Medicine

Keima becomes ill and triggers unwanted events. While Ayumi and Chihiro are the final two candidates for the last remaining goddess.

Episode 8: Flag. 8.0 Goddess Mix

Questions about the goddesses arise in the meetings Haqua attends in Hell, all the while they are assembling back on earth to try something BIG!

Episode 9: Flag. 9.0 Absent Lovers

Mai High Festival is approaching quickly while Chihiro and Keima try to figure each other out.

Episode 10: Flag. 10.0 Labyrinth

Time is running out and Keima has to make some difficult decisions. Meanwhile, Lune is at the high school and on the hunt!

Episode 11: Flag. 11.0 SHOW ME

Haqua discovers a way back from Hell and finds that Vintage has imprisoned the goddesses in Point Rock. One the brink of war, Haqua plays a vital role in saving Ayumi.

Episode 12: Flag. 12.0 The Memory of My First Love

What will happen at the Mai High Festival? Once the goddesses have been assembled we find out what happens between the Loose Souls and Vintage when they come face to face.