TV-14 [S] - TV Series
Wolf Girl & Black Prince

Erika is proud to let her friends know about the relationship she has with her not so real boyfriend. Living the lie, Erika crafts up this dream guy complete with pictures and everything. Little does she know, that guy, Sata Kyouya, is in her grade at the same school! Sata turns out to be quite the sadist and in order to keep up appearances she must go along with all of his demands.

Episodes (12)

Episode 1: Chapter 1: Caught in the Act

All Marin and Tezuka talk about is their boyfriends. This is freshman Erika's last chance to fit in at school, so she brags about having a boyfriend to make them like her. The whole thing gets out of hand when a handsome boy enters the picture.

Episode 2: A Rash and Blind Act

All the girls are envious because Erika now has an attractive boyfriend, but Sata is black down to the core. But, will she keep up the façade when another – much nicer – boy enters the picture? And is he what he really presents himself to be?

Episode 3: A Precipitous Drop

It is said that the heart wants what it wants. And that’s where we find Erika as she yearns for Sata while they’re both on school break. As break ends, Erika tries to take care of a sick Sata. But it is possible that Sata could’ve fallen for Erika?!

Episode 4: Daily Anguish

Sata continues to torment Erika by not clearly responding to her confession. Takeru decides to help Erika and begins a series of investigations into Sata's feelings.

Episode 5: An Impregnable Defense -Christmas Eve-

Everyone in school is talking about what they’re going to do during their Christmas holiday. Now that she has told him her true feelings, will Erika be brave enough to Sata out? And, more importantly, are they close enough to exchange gifts?

Episode 6: Preparing for Battle -Valentine Day-

Erika is prepping for Valentine’s Day by making Sata lots of special treats, but will he even appreciate her effort? Of course, Erika realizes that she might have feelings for Kusakabe - a much nicer, but much more timid school mate.

Episode 7: Mutual Love -White Day-

Sanda’s worried that Erika might be stringing Kusa along – basically the same thing that Sata was doing with her. Right as Erika decides to break it off with Kusa, Sata appears out of nowhere to get back what he thinks is rightfully his.

Episode 8: Self Contradiction -Spring Storm-

Just as they all are about to enter a new school year, there’s now a new hot dude in class named Yajima Kana. Erika and Yajima are forced to stay after school together. He’s amazed that Sata is wasting his time on such an average girl.

Episode 9: Honeyed Words -Wake Up-

On a class trip - All the girls think Yajima's so hot and smooth, he might actually steal Sata right out from under Erika’s nose. Yajima is trying to teach Sata the tricks of the trade of being a gigolo, but Yajima is the one who learns a lesson.

Episode 10: Wasted Effort -Happy Birthday-

Erika’s mad because Yajima is now being clingy with Sata. He’s hanging out with him a little too much, and it’s cutting into Erika spending time with Sata. Of course, Erika is getting excited with her birthday right around the corner...

Episode 11: A Critical Situation -Judgement-

School's out for summer. Everyone wonders why Sata doesn’t go on vacation to hang out with his mom. They inadvertently run into his sister, Reika, and realize she might actually be worse than Sata - but also see an unexpected side of Sata.

Episode 12: A Pressing Appeal -I Love You-

Erika travels to the city of Kobe with Sata and Reika to meet their mom. She’s a nice woman, and she wants Erika to like her. Of course, Sata is back to his old ways and acting like a shut-in... And it's revealed exactly why he acts the way he does.