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Wizard Barristers

When the laws of magic are broken, someone’s got to enforce them, and that duty falls to the Wizard Barristers. It’s a tricky profession, requiring both arcane ability and a judicious sense of jurisprudence, and at just 17, Cecil Sudo is not only the youngest Benmashi at the Butterfly Law Offices, she’s the youngest one ever! Prepare to be beguiled as the most enchantingly Adept Attorney ever makes her case in WIZARD BARRISTERS!

Action Mecha Sci-Fi Supernatural

Episodes (12)

Episode 1: Lady Justice

Sudo Cecil starts off on the wrong foot by being late on her first day of work as a Wizard Barrister, legal defender of magical users.

Episode 2: Hard Case

Cecil's plan to defend her client involved capturing the No Face gang in order to testify, a risky plan with a high reward.

Episode 3: Love and Hate

A man is wrongfully sentenced to death, and his girlfriend seeks revenge two years later. It's up to the Butterfly Law Offices to reduce her sentence to just life imprisonment.

Episode 4: Personality Crisis

A crazed Wud is convicted of killing 15 wizards. Cecil has strong reservations about defending a mass murderer, but decides to take the case after new evidence is presented to the firm.

Episode 5: Six Nine

A rival law firm enlists Cecil with clearing one of their wizard barristers of murder. Kiri-jii is also appointed to the case, and Cecil fears that his laid back style will hinder their investigations.

Episode 6: Hero Show

A new metalmoloid attacks the city and takes a an elementary school class hostage. Cecil finds herself at the wrong place at the wrong time, and also gets taken hostage.

Episode 7: Maple Leaf in Canada

The Butterfly Law Office makes their way to America and send Cecil on a road trip to Canada. With Hotaru as escort, the two girls get to know each other a little better along the way.

Episode 8: Saint Christopher Charm

Hotaru and Cecil make it to Cecil's father's house, and Hotaru continues to ask questions about what happened six years ago. Meanwhile, the others discover that their American escort is much more than she seemed.

Episode 9: Secret Puzzle

Cecil returns to Tokyo to investigate her mothers case. She learns that what happened six years ago when she was attacked is tied to what happened with her mother and her case.

Episode 10: Imposter

Sameoka and Shizumu prepare to battle after it is revealed that Shizumu wanted to harm Cecil.

Episode 11: Shining Cecil

Cecil has been captured and is now in the clutches of Macal. What will happen to her once the summoning ritual begins?

Episode 12: Judgement

Makusu offers to confess his crimes, but only if Cecil defind shim at trial. With so many things whirling around, Cecil will have to rove that she can get it done in the stunning conclusion of Wizard Barristers!

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