PG - TV Series
Windy Tales

While hanging out on the roof of her school, Nao Ueshima discovers a flock of flying cats. In her haste to snap a picture, Nao tumbles over the side of the building. But instead of plummeting to her doom, Nao is guided by an unseen force that allows her to land safely on her feet. Determined to unlock the secrets of the flying cats and the identity of her rescuer, Nao soon learns that not only is one of her teachers able to control the wind, but he can also teach others to control it, too!

Episodes (13)

Episode 1: Wind Cat

On the roof of her school, Nao Ueshima, president of the school's Digital Photography club, witnesses the strangest thing - a cat controlling the wind!

Episode 2: Festival of Winds

Nao, Miki and Jun arrive at the wind village but their teacher refuses to train them in wind control. Even with an instructor, the lessons won’t be easy - especially for Nao.

Episode 3: Running Girl

The Digital Photography club is assigned by the school to take pictures of Atsuko, the school's only marathon runner.

Episode 4: Acorn the Flying Squirrel

Jun rescues a squirrel and does what any boy learning to control wind would do; he tries to teach it how to fly.

Episode 5: School Infirmary Story

Stuck in the infirmary with the flu, Nao is treated to some of Mr. Makino’s most entertaining stories.

Episode 6: Kick the Can

Nao and Miki befriend a group of fifth graders when they join them in a game of 'Kick the Can'.

Episode 7: The Typhoon Came

There's a typhoon approaching, but the wind cat is nowhere to be found! So, naturally, Nao and Ryoko stay after school in the hopes that they can find it.

Episode 8: Big Cleaning - Premonition of a Kiss

While cleaning the clubroom, Nao, Miki and Jun find a photo album left by an old member of the club. They decide return it, so the search for its owner begins!

Episode 9: Father's Motorcycle

It’s not every day that a parent approves of motorcycles; no less buys one and takes their kids out on rides. One day, Nao's father does just that!

Episode 10: The Earth's Last Day

Nao and Ryoko both have a strange dream that they think might be a message from the wind. So, together with Miki, they try to speculate on what it could mean.

Episode 11: Audition - The Factual Record

The girls in school all put in applications to audition to be on a television show. Nao is hoping to be selected, and when a letter shows up, this might be her chance!

Episode 12: Cherry Blossom Time

It’s spring time, and the cherry blossom trees are in full bloom, much to the delight of Nao and her friends.

Episode 13: Yukio, Once Again

Nao and the rest notice the sudden arrival of strong winds and take it as a sign that Yukio is arriving.