When They Cry

Transfer student Maebara Keiichi enjoys carefree days of playing with his friends in the sleepy town of Hinamizawa. However, one fateful day, Keiichi hears news about a local murder, triggering a set of horrific events. His friends Rena, Mion, Satoko, and Rika, as well as the other residents of Hinamizawa, hide a dark secret, and Keiichi is sinking right into it.

The Beginning

Keiichi moves to a peaceful village: he joins an after school club, meets four nice girls; life is pleasant. That is, until he discovers the village’s dark history.

The Secret

Keiichi learns about the village’s guardian deity, Oyashiro, and what Tomitake and Takano call “Oyashiro’s Curse”.


Becoming more and more paranoid with each discovery he makes, Keiichi stays home from school to research the village’s mysteries.


Keiichi’s paranoia reaches the tipping point as he gets a visit from Rena, and then both Rena and Mion. The police know what happened, but the mystery isn’t solved.


Time rewinds and resets. Keiichi finds out that Mion has a twin named Shion and that they have a little secret.


Keiichi learns about Oyashiro’s Curse. On the night of the festival, Shion takes Keiichi to meet Tomitake and Takano at the ritual tool shed of Oyashiro, and Takano theorizes.


Rika seems to know more than she’s letting on. Shion blames herself for the village leader’s disappearance, and that may not be far off.


Rena and Keiichi suspect that Mion is behind the disappearance of Rika and Satoko. When they question her about it, they get a chilling response.

Older Brother

Time resets once again, and Keiichi is left alone for a few days while his parents go to Tokyo. Keiichi learns about the disappearance of Satoko’s brother, Satoshi.


Satoko is mysteriously absent from school for a few days, and Keiichi investigates why.


Keiichi makes a decision with how to handle Satoko’s uncle, Teppei, and asks Mion to take Satoko to the festival.

Lost Item

Confused when his friends say he was with them the night of the festival, Keiichi is more shaken by the fact that Satoko’s uncle is still hurting her.


Keiichi goes to investigate why Teppei is still harming Satoko, only to find her extremely injured. After taking her to the hospital, they make some alarming discoveries.


Four years ago, a police investigator named Mamoru Akasaka was sent to the village to investigate a kidnapping relating to the dam construction.


Rika has a disturbing conversation with Akasaka, which he relates to Oishi a few years later.

First Love

Time rewinds to episode five but from Shion’s point of view, offering a look into the intricacies of the Sonozaki family.


When Shion is discovered to be living as Mion, she is taken to her family estate. After confessing a family insulting secret, Shion is forced to torture herself.

Oni’s Blood Line

Shion learns that Satoshi has disappeared and looks deeper into the murders that span the last four years.


Shion is convinced that her own family is responsible in some way for the numerous disappearances plaguing the village. With that in mind, she takes action.

Cold Hands

Torturing the village leader for information regarding Satoshi only leads Shion to confronting Rika about the murders.


Shion’s madness reaches its peak and she falls deeper into its clutches despite Keiichi’s heartfelt wish to save both her and Mion.


A water gun fight leads to the losers working the day at the Café owned by Mion and Shion’s uncle. However, Rena makes a painful discovery about her father’s girlfriend.

Place to Return

Rena investigates her father’s expenses and worries about him. Away from others, she has a conversation with Rina that goes downhill.

Document 34

Rena discovers the truth behind the village’s “curse” and subsequently the truth about Oyashiro and what really caused the murders.

Earth Invasion

When Mion makes a change, Rena loses the trust she had in her friends and she begins to fall victim to madness. Keiichi makes a strangely hopeful confession.


Fully giving in to the insanity, Rena is threatening the entire school. As the two friends fight, they may discover a way to someday become free of their entanglement.