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Wakaba * Girl

Wakaba Kohashi is the elegant (but awkward) daughter of an affluent family, and her dream is, simply, to be a high school girl. Wakaba happily launches herself into her new life at Clover Girl’s Academy, determined to engage in girl talk, flaunt a sailor uniform, and learn all about gyaru lifestyle. As if pulled by fate, she becomes fast friends with Mao (who refers to herself in third person), Shiba-san (a boys-love gamer), and Moe (the epitome of a sweet high school girl).


Episodes (13)

Episode 1: Leaf 1: My Dream is to Become a High School Girl

Wakaba’s lifelong dream has finally come true: she’s finally a high school girl! Can her new friends survive her unbridled, and slightly awkward, enthusiasm?

Episode 2: Leaf 2: In a D-Cup, Pleasel

The girls suggest getting ice cream after school. Wakaba will be heartbroken if anything interferes with her dream of obtaining her very own junk food with her friends.

Episode 3: Leaf 3 The Road to Becoming a Gal is Long

Wakaba sorely misunderstands what a “gyaru game” is. Shiba-san takes it upon herself to educate her. The girls get a glimpse into each others’ hobbies.

Episode 4: Leaf 4: So This Is A Knife

The day has arrived! Wakaba finally gets to learn the fine art of “hanging out” with her friends. The girls also attempt to bake muffins at Moe’s house.

Episode 5: Leaf 5 Rich Girls Are Not Fair

Mao-chan wants to learn how to act like a rich girl to attract a boy she has a crush on. It’s a good thing she has a genuine rich girl for friend!

Episode 6: Leaf 6 The Area of Fabric is Too Small

The girls invite Wakaba to go swimming, but the only swimsuit she has is from elementary school. It’s a good thing Moeko has a spare that just might fit.

Episode 7: Leaf 7 Are You A Sniper, By Any Chance?

The girls want to take Wakaba with them to a summer festival, so they visit her mansion in an attempt to convince her family to let her stay out past curfew.

Episode 8: Leaf 8: Bang, Bang, Bang

The class is putting together an original play for the culture festival, and Wakaba (literally) can’t wait. Meanwhile, Shiba attempts to push the limits of her femininity.

Episode 9: Wakaba-chan Fever

The long-awaited culture festival has finally arrived, and it’s Shiba’s time to shine in the contest! Only… she’s too sick to compete. Can Wakaba carry on in her place?

Episode 10: That’s Impossible

Poor Moe-chan is horrible at sports! Like the other girls, she wants to branch out and attain a new goal, so she sets her mind to trying to do a back hip circle!

Episode 11: A Machine for Generating Lazy People

The girls decide to spend New Year’s Even together. It’s Wakaba’s first time spending the night at a friend’s house, and she discovers something amazing: a kotatsu!

Episode 12: Stop With Those Eyes

Wakaba’s first snowfight ever ends abruptly when she collapses from a fever! As the girls help her get home, Wakaba reveals the source of her insecurities.

Episode 13: Regular Girl

After Wakaba misses three days of school, the girls leave class early to check on her. While happy to see them, Wakaba, sadly, tells them the bad news.