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Waiting in the Summer

Lights! Camera! Teen Angst! When a group of friends decide to make a movie over a long summer holiday, they end up learning a little about filmmaking and a lot more about each other and themselves. What begins as a simple way to avoid the summer doldrums quickly turns into something much more complex, intimate and revealing, as the maturing relationships between the members of the young cast take on new, and sometimes very unexpected, turns. Get ready for a whole new take on summer romance as hidden emotions get captured and secrets meant to be kept hidden inside young hearts instead spill off of the screen for your viewing pleasure in WAITING IN THE SUMMER!

Comedy Drama Romance Sci-Fi

Episodes (12)

Episode 1: I can't, Senpai

A dark wind leaves Kaito Kirishima,  first year high school student and amateur filmmaker, dazed and confused, waking up in his bed when he was near the lake a minute ago.  Even stranger is the new fiery haired transfer student, who seems very familiar...

Episode 2: Together with Senpai...

After explaining the strange situation to his sister, Kaito is floored when she suddenly invites Ichika to stay while she's away.  Kanna informs the group of friends about this new arrangement.

Episode 3: Senpai says...

Dying of embarrassment over his encounter with Ichika the night before, Kaito decides to skip class the next day.  Both Ichika and Kanna worry about him, but only Kanna is being followed by camera as she makes her way to his house.

Episode 4: Senpai was Amazing

Trying to hide what happened proves difficult for both Ichika and Kaito.  After witnessing Kaito being picked up by a dark haired stranger, Ichika's imaginations runs wild...

Episode 5: Senpai is the heroine

The first day of the movie shoot is finally here, and everyone is excited.  The movie, according to Remon, will be about an alien who comes to Earth, and meets a young man.

Episode 6: Senpai has a rival

Manami gives the group a free trip to Okinawa, and while sightseeing, Kaito runs into and old friend.  This chance reunion brings strange situations to light, however, as his friend claims to also be his fiance.

Episode 7: Senpai's feelings

The members playing hookie have returned to see the film already underway, though the mood has suddenly become awkward.  Tetsuro runs for all he's worth as Chiharu gives chase, while Kaito gets a message from Kaori.

Episode 8: Senpai's Pinch

Festival time!  While Ichika sees the festival as a chance to learn more, Remon uses the backdrop to grab more footage, and Kanna tries to get closer to Kaito.  Things become difficult, however, when a stranger appears to shake things up.

Episode 9: Senpai...

With the secret finally out, Ichika has begun avoiding Kaito.  With Remon's help, Kaito begins to understand the tough spot that Ichika finds herself in now.  Kanna, meanwhile, bears her soul to Ichika...

Episode 10: Senpai and our...

Ichika and Kaito are now an item, yet some are having trouble adjusting.  Those wild hearts must be broken if they are ever to begin healing, and ultimately, moving on.

Episode 11: Don't Go, Senpai

It's time for Ichika to go home, and Emika has arrived on Earth to make sure of it.  Can Kaito go with her, even though Ichika has broken numerous interstellar laws by staying on Earth for so long?

Episode 12: Waiting there, in the summer

Some unexpected friends have appeared to help Ichika and Kaito in their struggle to stay together.  Packing serious firepower, can they hold their ground while Ichika and Kaito search for the spot in her dreams?  What then?

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