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Vampire Princess Miyu

Born of Vampire and Human, doomed to remain trapped in the body of a teenager forever, she is the Chosen One: Mankind's last defense against the forces of Darkness. With her once greatest foe, the Shinma named Larva, as her sole companion, she stands eternally poised at the bridge between two worlds. She is charged with the duty of tracking down supernatural beings who seek to harm the human race and banishing them back to the dark realms from whence they came. But this ultimate hunter is a creature of the Night herself, and though her human half gives her the ability to walk by day, she still needs the blood of the living in order to survive. And though she may use the name Miyu Yamano when dealing with mere mortals, since the loss of her human memories she is increasingly drawn back towards the Darkness, even as those on the other side prepare to target her! Get ready to hunt the night as the death-dance of undead predator and prey unleashes true Hell on Earth in vampire princess miyu!

Action Horror Mystery Supernatural

Episodes (26)

Episode 1: The Fang Knows

A female student is found dead...missing all her blood; it's not long before they begin to suspect vampires!

Episode 2: At the Next Station

A girl disappears from the subway, but she's not the first girl to go missing...nor will she be the last.

Episode 3: The Forest Calls

When a young girl fears for her brother's sanity, she seeks help and guidance from Miyu.

Episode 4: Reiha Has Come

At a mountain inn, things turn weird quickly.

Episode 5: The Sepia Colored Portrait

When Professor Oshima comes into possession of a film reel which contains footage of his first love, his students begin their meddling to reunite their professor with his former flame.

Episode 6: The Ghost of Miyu

Miyu disappears during a visit to Saikawa Cemetery.

Episode 7: Fate

A boy begins to hear the thoughts of others and has a mental breakdown.

Episode 8: The Red Shoes

Miho lands a role with a famous producer. Nervous that she won't sing well, Kashiwabara gives her red shoes that will supposedly help her sing.

Episode 9: Your Home

There is a murder-suicide, and the neighbors of the deceased decide to care for their spoiled cat.

Episode 10: The Swamp of Promises

The four girls visit a town where people are disappearing. Chisato stumbles into a strange swamp after she is separated from Yukari and Hisae.

Episode 11: Soft Face

A Yazuka hit man gets a new face, which attracts Miyu and Reiha.

Episode 12: The Weeping Garden of Reeds

Chisato finds a homeless kitten and brings her to Hisae's neighbor, whose cat Lin has gone missing recently. He takes the kitten to the home of a beautiful woman he just met, whose garden grows more than just ordinary flowers.

Episode 13: Tale of the Ocean’s Light (Part 1)

Shinma Garline arrives in Japan and intends to take Larva back to the West. Meanwhile, Miyu and Reiha find conflict of their own.

Episode 14: Tale of the Ocean’s Light (Part 2)

Miyu's newest task is to rescue Larva.

Episode 15: Dream of the Mermaid

A mermaid living in captivity shares its dreams with a boy who wants to return it to the sea. However, the mermaid hasn't been forthcoming about its intentions...

Episode 16: Woman Priest

A priestess is in Tokyo seeking revenge against the Shinma that killed her family. During her pursuit, she runs into problems with Miyu.

Episode 17: The Moray Boat

A gas station attendant finds herself on the run with Miyu and Reiha hot on her tail.

Episode 18: City of Illusion

Buildings across the city are inexplicably turning to sand and crumbling.

Episode 19: Love of the Dolls

Kasumi is a doll artist who is famed for her creations. Adoring her creations as though they are real people, Kasumi's bliss ends when she hires a young assistant whose intentions are quickly questioned.

Episode 20: Butterfly Enchantment

It's something as small as a butterfly that leads Miyu to discover the scent of the Shinma in a hot house.

Episode 21: Flag of Shinma

Miyu finds herself in a village under attack by Shinma.

Episode 22: Once Upon a Time

Back in the Taisho era, Miyu is adored by all...except those who seek to kill her.

Episode 23: Confrontation

When people are being covered in ice in mid-summer, it doesn't take Miyu long to discover that the victims are all stray Shinma.

Episode 24: The Boy Who Returned

Tokiya is a loner who is having a hard time adapting to high school life. After being given the power of a Shinma, Tokiya soon becomes an assassin who has his sights set on Miyu!

Episode 25: The Last Shinma

Miyu is unexpectedly deprived of her powers, which means she will reveal her true identity to Chisato and all the others.

Episode 26: The Eternal Sleep

Miyu struggles against the last Shinma, who turns out to be more familiar than she would have guessed.


Episode 27 (2 min)


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