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Utawarerumono The False Faces

One day, Kuon rescues a young man from a monster. He’s attractive, nearly helpless, a little lazy, more than a little strange… and he has no idea who he is. Kuon names her nameless charge Haku in honor of a “great man” she knows, and after establishing that a girl’s tail is not to be touched without her permission, she decides to take him under her wing. Kuon wants to know who Haku really is, but the secrets his identity will bring to light have the potential to change her entire world.

Episodes (25)

Episode 1: Curse

A young man awakens on a snowy mountain. After a young woman with a tail rescues him from certain death, he comes to the realization that he has no idea who he is.

Episode 2: A Chivalrous Man

Kuon volunteers herself and Haku to help General Ukon’s team exterminate a monster. When things go horribly wrong, their only hope might be Haku’s uncanny intelligence.

Episode 3: The Path to the Imperial Capital

Haku and Kuon join a mission to escort a princess to the capital, but the mission isn’t what it appears to be, and the truth comes out when they’re ambushed by thieves.

Episode 4: The Imperial Capital

The capital is a mysterious but lively place: Kuon loves the baths, Haku gets a job, Rirutie indulges her fantasies, and Ukon’s little sister, Nekone, can’t understand Haku.

Episode 5: The Pirate Girl

Haku completes jobs and learns to read and write. On his well-earned day off, he’s tricked into an impromptu date with young woman who’s run away to find love.

Episode 6: Rou-kaku's Owner

Haku’s chance meeting with the owner of the inn leads Kuon to reunite with Karura, one of the women who raised her. As the night wears on, Kuon admits her insecurities.

Episode 7: The Childish Imperial Princess

Rirutie discovers a shop that sells her favorite types of books! Meanwhile, a precocious young girl is loose in the capital, and she’s causing trouble wherever she goes.

Episode 8: Detective Story from the Imperial Capital

Ukon, Atui, and Haku infiltrate a cruise ship run by a corrupt official. As their investigation continues, Haku notices that something seems more than a little off with Ukon…

Episode 9: Envoys from the Country of the Sleeping God

Messengers from a Southern nation arrive at the capital, and it’s none other than Kuon’s doting sisters: Aruruu and Kamyu! When Kuon hides, the sisters force Haku to find her.

Episode 10: Love

Anju stops by with a surprise declaration of love, and the girls decide to help her express her feelings. Meanwhile, Haku finds himself at the mercy of the Noble Thieves!

Episode 11: The Imperial Princess Plays with Fire

Haku is sent to retrieve Anju, but after multiple threatening letters, Oshutaru also sets off to “rescue” her. Meanwhile, Nosuri realizes who exactly she’s “kidnapped.”

Episode 12: Oracles of the Chains

As a reward for retrieving Anju, Haku is given a reward directly from the emperor: the lovely Kamunagi of Chains. Later, Ukon is visted by an old drinking buddy.

Episode 13: The Eight Central Generals

War comes to the kingdom of Yamato, and the generals mobilize to face the invaders. Meanwhile, Haku continues his secret meetings with the Emperor.

Episode 14: Master Swordsman

A mission to escort Rirutie and Atui to join Oshutoru’s forces  lands Haku and the others directly in the middle of the raging battlefield against captive Yamato soldiers.

Episode 15: Masks

The generals of Yamato advance their forces, but as Vurai pursues the enemy, Haku gets his first bitter taste of war and learns a dark secret behind the generals’ masks.

Episode 16: Banquet

A deeply shaken Haku returns to the capital, images of the war burned into his mind, and Kuon and Ukon deploy different methods to try to comfort him.

Episode 17: Afterglow

A forgotten secret lies beneath the Emperor’s castle. As the Emperor and Haku descend into the depths of history and memory, Haku discovers the truth about his past.

Episode 18: Invasion

The emperor orders the invasion of Tuskuru. Oshutaru asks Haku to bring supplies to the front lines, but can Haku bring himself to support the war against Kuon’s home?

Episode 19: Blazing Up

Atui’s doting father transports the group and the supplies across the sea to Tuskuru. Once there, little do they know that they are already being watched by familiar eyes.

Episode 20: Military Man

Munechika faces off against one of Tuskuru’s most powerful generals, Benawi. Haku and Kuon manage to infiltrate enemy lines, only to fight against the warrior Kurou!

Episode 21: Death of an Emperor

Tragedies follow in the aftermath of the Emperor’s sudden death. When the unthinkable happens in the capital, Oshtoll is arrested under suspicion of treason.

Episode 22: Rescue

Oshtoll is condemned to death for treason against the crown. While Haku and Nekone work together to save him, Kuon and Yaktowalt move to save Princess Anju.

Episode 23: Escape

Haku, Oshtoll, and Nekone flee the pursuing guards by escaping into the sewers. Meanwhile, Nosuri and Kuon are cornered, forcing Kuon to unleash a devastating power.

Episode 24: One Sufficient to be Ruler

Vurai and Oshtoll unleash the devastating power of their masks. As the destruction unfolds, is there anything Haku can do to help Oshtoll?

Episode 25: One Who Would Succeed the Will

Not too long ago in the mountains, Kuon rescued a young man with no memory and named him Haku. In the aftermath of their escape from the capital, what became of him?


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