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Uta no Prince Sama 2

The STARISH sextet are finding success as their careers are put on the fast track! But before they can call themselves true idols, they must win an award...the mysterious "Newcomer Award." Follow the members of STARISH as they find out if they've got what it takes to be leading idols and performers!

Comedy Drama Romance Slice of Life

Episodes (13)

Episode 1: Poison KISS

STARISH members find themselves on the fast track to fame after a successful debut, but they've got a few things to learn along the way.

Episode 2: REINCARNATION of Love

Haruka meets the man of her dreams.

Episode 3: True Wing

The successes keep rolling in, and the STARISH members think of themselves as idols. Saotome quickly informs them that they are not idols until they win THE award.

Episode 4: Koizakura

Hijirikawa is encouraged to try out for a musical, but a love scene within the script throws him for a loop...

Episode 5: Smile Magic

Otoya has impressed so far, but his absences are becoming a concern.  Meanwhile, Cecil is asked to do impressions at a variety show.

Episode 6: Orange Rhapsody

Ren gets offered a modeling job which may offer him a different view of his relationship with his brother.

Episode 7: Promise to Sirius

A typo and mixed up names could be a major opportunity for Natsuki... or total was that supposed to be Satsuki?

Episode 8: Fantasia of the Stars

Starish, Quartet Night, Haruka and Cecil take a vacation and head to the Shining Agency's resort house.  While everyone is having fun, Haruka is busy writing a new song.

Episode 9: We are STARISH

Cecil's decision to go back to Agnapolis shocks everyone.  Haruka, who believes he will return, finishes writing her new song.

Episode 10: Crystal Time

Both groups battle it our for the coveted Uta Pri Award. They must both sing songs composed by Haruka.

Episode 11: Dreamer's Symphony

STARISH is threatening to disband, which prompts Haruka to write a song that will unite them all.

Episode 12: Heavens Gate

As STARISH prepares for the award show, Cecil has difficulties with the choreography. Syo offers assistance.

Episode 13: Maji LOVE 2000%

HEAVENS think that the competition is in the bag. Haruka must make a life altering decision.


Episode 14 (2 min)


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