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Uta no Prince Sama 1

Haruka has a chance to take the entrance exam for Saotome Academy for the Performing Arts,she is close to her dream of composing songs for her favorite singer Hayato. With tough competition being a writer, Haruka is paired with one of six male singers. Just to make things more complicated, writers and singers are NOT allowed to become romantically involved! Can one girl and six young men learn to make beautiful music together in a platonic sense? Find out in Uta no Prince Sama!

Comedy Drama Romance Shoujo

Episodes (13)

Episode 1: Seven-Colored Compass

Haruka gets accepted into Saotome Academy - a prestigious performing arts boarding school - where her dream is to become a composer.

Episode 2: Brand New Melody

Haruka and Ittoki are paired for an important project: compose a new song and lyrics.

Episode 3: Knocking on the Mind

Jealous classmates and unfair rumors overwhelm Haruka's ability to perform in public.

Episode 4: Believe Heart to the End of the World

Ren is going to get expelled if he doesn't finish his song in time to submit it to Hyuuga.

Episode 5: Full Throttle Chivalrous Spirit Go! Fight!!

Syo wants to have a part in the new movie, "Princes of Precipices", but he is so afraid of heights that the situation seems hopeless.

Episode 6: Shout Out from Orion

When Haruka gets lots on the way to the Hayato concert, she winds up discovering Natsuki's split personality.

Episode 7: Feeling Heart

Haruka confronts Tokiya over leading a double life.

Episode 8: Eternity Love

The students head out to an away camp on the headmaster's private island. The students begin to pair up for their final assessment.

Episode 9: Weaving Dreams

Unsure of who to choose as her partner for the final assessment, Haruka asks for her teacher's advice.

Episode 10: Come On, Let's Sing!

Everyone in the school is talking about how Haruka has been picked by six other people to be their preferred partner in the final assessment, but the stress is eating away at her.

Episode 11: Map of the Future

Working and going to school takes its toll on Tokiya, and he winds up in the hospital.

Episode 12: The Heart of a Lost Child

Paparazzi have discovered that Tokiya is really Hayato, and infiltrate the school.

Episode 13: Serious Love 1000%

The principal of the academy cuts Haruka out of STARISH's debut, saying that she is not worthy to write their songs. Haruka visits her grandmother's house in the country to do some soul-searching.

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