TV-14 - TV Series

In 1983, a young man on the run from the police finds himself mysteriously transported to the year 2050. With no memories and newly developed superhuman powers, he finds himself recruited to join the Neo Tokyo Mobile Police Unit in order to help them take down a vicious crime syndicate known as Necrime. But will this man, now known as Ryu Urashima, be able to take down the Necrime and find his way back to the past? Or will he be trapped in the future forever?

Episodes (50)

Episode 1: Suddenly, AD 2050!

Ryu flees from the police in a high speed chase and winds up in a time slip. Little does he know he is now the Urashiman but his memory is lost.

Episode 2: The Birth of the Cutie Detective

Gondou, Chief of the Mobile Mecha Division, tells Ryu he is now an Urashiman due to the effects of the time slipping. Ryu chooses a new name and is asked to join the police force.

Episode 3: Seeking the Lost Time

Ludovich and Milene decide to investigate Ryu to figure out if he is a threat to the Fuhrer's crime syndicate.

Episode 4: The Pursuing Beetle

Ryu pursues Milene and Jitanda in a car chase that is old technology versus new technology.

Episode 5: The Dangerous Disco Queen

Stinger Wolf hatches a plan to put a stop to Ryu and the Police and he pitches his idea to Ludovivich.

Episode 6: Giant Sharks Like Pretty Girls

Fish farms have been reporting in the disappearance of sharks across the region. Ryu and Claude work together to find out who is making off with the sharks and what is their purpose.

Episode 7: Slapped With a Wad of Cash!

The Mobile Mecha division has finally hit its stride and Ryu and the team are becoming a force to be reckoned with.

Episode 8: The Lunar Footprint Is 80 Years Old?

Ludovich and Milene plan to take the foot print that Commander Armstrong left on the moon 78 years ago and bring it to their Leader Fuhrer as a gift since it has become a priceless cultural artifact.

Episode 9: Yesterday's Friends are Today's Enemies

Ludovich reveals that inside the brain cells of all mankind is the desire to do evil. He aims to awaken this evil and have an army of criminals at his disposal.

Episode 10: Higher Than Everest

Gondou sends Ryu and Claude to protect Mt. Everest because Chang Lee hires the NECRIME syndicate to make the mountain shorter.

Episode 11: Provocation! The South Sea Island Blizzard!

Ryu and Claude attend a seminar in the tropics on stopping the NECRIME Syndicate. Little do they know, a cold feeling is about to rush over the region.

Episode 12: The Flying Angel In Red

The police super intendant has been a bad crash and needs a transfusion. The problem is that his blood type is extremely rare. Gondou tasks Sophia with getting Artificial blood that will save the super intendent.

Episode 13: The Thorn Stuck In the Past

The group head over to stake out an auction that the NECRIME syndicate is supposed to be at to purchase the Cattburg Vase also known as the Devil's vessel.

Episode 14: Myaa Has Psychic Powers Too?!

A Mysterious lady cat is trying to seduce Myaa!

Episode 15: Ryu's Captured Heart

A girl appears, wanting to photograph the activities of the detectives of the Mobile Devision.

Episode 16: Hit Man Good Luck

A hit man has come to Neo Tokio, and he's looking to pit himself against Ryu.

Episode 17: Love! Love For a Robot!

A lady scientist is interested in seeing if the Urashiman's love can save a robot!

Episode 18: Maman Written in Glass

A lady met in the city has a strong resemblance to our hero's mother. Could she be the one behind the "Maman" written in glass?

Episode 19: The Tiffany Mermaid

Strange circumstances have Ryu and the others sneaking into Tiffany's Jewelry.

Episode 20: An Encounter With Fuhrer

At last, Leader Fuhrer appears before the Urashiman! Ryu's powers are finally made clear.

Episode 21: Personality Switch!

Ryu and Jitanda are both treated to cure their amnesia. However, something goes wrong.

Episode 22: Tears! The Determination of Inspector Gondou

A look into the backstory of the Urashiman, and who they continue to fight for.

Episode 23: Hands Off The Booty!

Pursuing a kidnapped scientist, Ryu and Claude discover a NECRIME stronghold!

Episode 24: The Make or Break Death Game!

A game of death is played with the fate of Neo Tokio and Claude and Sophia's lives on the line!

Episode 25: The Legendary Big Saturday

The Urashiman do battle with NECRIME's surfing beauties!

Episode 26: The Neo Tokio to Hell Express

NECRIME is after the last bullet train, Shinkansen, with Ryu in hot pursuit!

Episode 27: A Bear Dies in Spaceā€¦

Off into space our heroes go, but not without a little unwanted company that aims to make sure they stay there!

Episode 28: It's Tough to Be a Pro Wrestler!

It's a pro wrestling team up, and Sophia is so excited about it that she becomes a mysterious masked wrestler!

Episode 29: Wanted! Ryu, Dead or Alive!

Our hero has become a wanted man! Things get even crazier when a man that could be Ryu's twin suddenly appears!

Episode 30: The Crooked Sheriff in the Wilderness!

Ryu suddenly finds himself as the sheriff of a ghost town.

Episode 31: From Ryu, With Love

A foul evil closes in on an unsuspecting couple seeking to cross a bridge that they think will lead them to happiness!

Episode 32: Trick 1983!

Ryu find himself back in 1983, where he is able to witness his youthful self getting into all kinds of antics!

Episode 33: The Truth of Fuhrer

The truth about the Fuhrer's last 67 years is revealed!

Episode 34: The Melody of Treason

Ryu learns from the Fuhrer that he is able to go back to 1983 once again.

Episode 35: Fuhrer's Legacy

Luydovich has finally vanquished Fuhrer, but claiming the crown as leader of NECRIME won't be easy.

Episode 36: Ludovich's Trap

Ludovich and the Mecha Division vie for power within the NECRIME organization.

Episode 37: Transform! Dirty Ryu!

The only plan that could work to defeat Ludovich is to fight fire with fire, but they may have chosen the wrong guy to try it with!

Episode 38: Dash for the Vault

Ludovich is after the fortune of a man they call NECRIME's "vault keeper", which turns out to be hidden in a giant maze!

Episode 39: Neo Tokyo Holiday

Ryu has finally found the girl of his dreams, but NECRIME is definitely not going to sit back and let him be happy!

Episode 40: Fuhrer Strikes Back

The Fuhrer makes his return as Ludovich aims to take full control of NECRIME!

Episode 41: The Amazon Seven

Ludovich has kidnapped the daughter of the owner of the word's largest gold mine! To get her back, a team of seven amazing daredevils is assembled!

Episode 42: Adieu, Claude!

Claude has been transferred to the International Police Force! What will happen to the Mecha Division?

Episode 43: Glorious Ludovich

Ludovich is finally just one step away from total control of NECRIME!

Episode 44: The Mysterious Psychics

In order to stop Ludovich, a very special person will have to develop her super psychic skills for our heroes to stand a chance!

Episode 45: Certain Death! The Terrifying Assassin

Inspector Gondou's psychic power is out of control! Meanwhile, an assassin is sent to take out our heroes.

Episode 46: Necrime's Full Scale Attack

Amid NECRIME's full scale attack, Ludovich's biggest fear is the awesome psychic power of our hero. What will be the outcome?

Episode 47: Fuhrer Returns

The Psychic Research Lab is revealed as Ludovich launches his most powerful weapon ever! Will Neo Tokio hold out?

Episode 48: Ludovich's End

It's an all out war when the Fuhrer makes his return! As the two evil masterminds duke it out, only one question remains: Who will be the victor?

Episode 49: The Psychic Powers of Love and Death

The Fuhrer, desperate to regain his youth, drags Ryu into the Cosmo Dimension!

Episode 50: Farewell, 2050

The NECRIME Empire has met it's end, and cheers are heard in the streets of Neo Tokio. With his mission complete, what will Ryu do, and most importantly: where will he go?